Wednesday, August 5, 2015


                                                           MAINE MATTERS
          During the last three months of 1874 five of the oldest citizens of Green died, viz;
      Mrs. Mary Mower, 92; Jacob Parker, 78; Jabez Pratt, 85; Mrs. Clarissa Morse, 78;
      David Thomson, 89.  Mrs. Nason, aged 93 is the oldest person living in the town..

          A little daughter of Mrs. Jewell, of West Baldwin, struck a needle in her breast last
     week, piercing the lung and breaking off. Dr. Swasey of Cornish extracted it. If the
     needle had gone a half inch further it would have pierced the child's heart.
          The blacksmith shop of W. F. Weeman, Sebago, was burned January 4th.
          The following officers were elected last week by Cumberland Co. Ag.
      (Agricultural?)  Society; S. T. Raymond, Westbrook, President; George E.
     Chadbourne, North Bridgton, W. B. Skillin, North Yarmouth, H. H. Boody, North
     Windham, Vice Presidents; Frank Noyes, Portland, Treasurer; Samuel Dingley,
     Sebago Lake,  Secretary. Mr. G. W. Woodman was unanimously re-elected
     President, but was obliged to decline, owing to his business engagements.
           The spring term of the Greely Institute, Cumberland Center, begins Mary 15th.
     W. R. Hemenway, Principal; M. G. Buxton, Assistant.
           Three tenement houses at the center of Gorham village, occupied by Irish families,
     and owned by Honorable F. Robie, were burned last Saturday morning. No insurance.
     The Irish families lost their all, and contributions were promptly made for their relief.
          The barn of W. V. Dudley, Freeman, was burned lately, with several cattle and a
          We last week alluded to the serious accident to Mr.Shibles of Rockport. He was
     blasting through frozen ground, while at work upon his well, and retired behind the
     house for safety. A piece of rock was thrown quite over the house, and struck him
     in the face, as he was looking to see if any of the earth was thrown into the air. His
     face was crushed in a shocking manner.
          The Knowlton Platform and Car Coupling Co., recently formed at Rockland, with
      a capital of $50,000 at paid , has succeeded in introducing its invention upon the Old
     Colony Railroad in Massachusetts., and trains of care are being fitted for the
     Pennsylvania Central and Baltimore and Ohio roads. Mr. C. H. Knowlton has invented
     a freight car coupler, very simple in its action, which does away with the necessity of
     going between the cars to shackle.
          The store of M. S. Spear, South Warren, was burned last week. Partly insured.


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