Friday, August 28, 2015


                                               MAINE MATTERS
          The 15th annual commencement of the Maine State College will take place
     June 25th-30th. The baccalaureate discourse will be by Rev. Thomas Hill, D. D.,
     of Portland. The contract for the erection of the new natural history building at the
     new natural history building at the State College has been awarded to J. & J.
     Philbrook  of Portland, at $29,987.
          Lewis W. A. Johnson, a colored man, formerly of Portland, was fined $20 and
     costs Friday at Bangor, for assault with a knife a few days before upon a man named
     Brooks.  After his discharge an examination of Brook's watch showed he had a
     narrow escape, the point of Johnson's knife having penetrated both cases of the watch.
    It would have gone hard with the prisoner, it is said, had this been known before.
          A pension has been granted to Simon Brown, Orneville.
          A peculiar misfortune befell a little French child named Raemeau in Greenville
     recently. She became frightened at a dog, screamed and ran out her tongue in such
    a way that the dog springing at her, caught it between his teeth, biting it so severely
    that a physician had to be called in.
          A pension has been issued to Osborn W. Fish, Madison.
          Eddie Lewis, aged 12, was drowned in the river at Skowhegan, Saturday,
     while bathing in the river.
          The Pittsfield Advertiser says W. L. Parks, of that village, six years ago
     bought a piece of land in Omaha, Nebraska, paying $300 for it, and a few days
     ago he sold the property for $20,000.
          A feature of Memorial Day exercises at Norridgewock was draping of the
     colors of the old Ninth Maine back of the orator of the day. The colors were  placed
     there by the widow of Colonel Sabine Emery, the colonel of the regiment.
          At Barnham, Sunday 29th ult., Rev. Tobias Lord baptized 10 persons, each one
     who was in some way related to all the rest.

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