Wednesday, August 12, 2015


          In this city, June 6th, by Rev. D. W. LeLacheur, William A. Merrill of Buxton and
     and Annie Horne of Deering.
          In this city, May 31st, by Rev. A. H. Wight, Fulton J. Caddell and Ida F. Curtis, both
     of Portland.
          In this city, June 1st, by Rev. C. H. Daniels, Otis Blake of East Pepperell, Mass., and
     Miss Emeline M. Phillips of Portland.
         Ferry Village, June 2nd, William Willard and Ruth Parsons, both of Cape Elizabeth.
         Bridgton, June 1st, Rev. George W. Barber, of Standish and Mrs. Olive P.
     Bertlwell  (?) of Hiram.
          Lewiston, June 1st, Coral C. Chick and Annie S. Cheever.
          Limerick, May 29th, Frank Smith and Jessie M. Hill, both of Cornish.
          Deer Isle, June 1st, Elmer Pearl Spofford of Deer Isle, and Leonora Alphena
     Rich of Boston, Mass.
          Belfast, May 30th, George O. Grindle of Brooksville, and Mrs. Rosalia Harrison
       of Belfast.
          Liberty, May 29th, Henry H. Skinner and Laura G. Warren, both of Searsmont.
          South Standish, May 28th, by Rev. George W. Barber, Lewis W. Berry and
     Lizzie E. Taylor, both of Standish.
          Gardiner, May 28th, Frank E. Hewitt and Sophia J. Henderson.
          Auburn, May 30th, Frank Jones of Turner and Millie A. Snow of Lewiston.
          Bear River, May 26th, Capt.  Fred H. Pearsons of Rockland and Belle M.  Copeland
     of Bear River.
          Auburn, May 28th, Dwight F. Faulkner of Turner and May Debson of Lewiston.
          Waterville, May 31st, Arthur Spencer and Florence Phillips.


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