Sunday, August 23, 2015


                                                      MAINE MATTERS
            F.F. Noyes has leased the corn factory at East Wilton, owned by H. J. Adams,
          and will put up 200,000 cans of sweet corn this year, besides apples.
           F. E. Harris of Salem has recently lost sheep by bears.
           Rev. S. P. Morrill, of Farmington, a Representative to Congress for one term
       from  the district, was stricken with severe paralysis, Thursday night.
           Mr. H. B. Bishop, who has rented Mr. James G. Blaine's Bar Harbor cottage
      for the present summer is one of the members of the Standard Oil Company, and
      a brother-in-law of D. O. Mills. It is said that Mr. Blaine gets $3,500 rent for the
          A year ago, C. O. Faulkner's house at Stuben was burned. Mr. Faullkner was
     absent in Massachusetts. Before leaving home he had $100 in the form of five
     double eagles, which he wished to put in some safe place. Going into his cellar
     he bored a hole in one of the beams, placed the gold coins within and plugged up
     hole. The house burned and nothing was left but the usual debris in the cellar. Mr.
     Faulkner came home, and many wondered what he was hunting for in the ashes so
     industriously. He found every coin, although they were much discolored.
          Charles Jocelyn, of Castine, confessed to taking a $1,000 bond belonging to Jones
     Turner, and has been put under bonds to await  the next term of court.
          Captain Hadlock of Cranberry Isle, and others have bought the steamer Florence.
     She will run from South West Harbor to Cranberry Isle, where a hotel is to be built
     at once on the highest part of the island, which commands a fine view
          The old cannons around Fort George at Castine, which have attracted so much
     attention from visitors to this historic old spot are being mounted. Mr. George H.
     Whitherie, who owns the for, is having this work done.
          The store of Rufus of Burnham, was robbed of between $400 and $500.
    Friday night. Sheriff Stevenson captured one of the burglars, and learning from him
    that he had six companions, procured assistance and captured the gang. About all
    the booty was found on the first one arrested. The men, with the exception of one
    were foreigners, and said they came from the Provinces.
          Among the wedding presents of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Gale, of Winthrop, was a
     farm in Readfield from the father of the bridegroom, Mr. C. H. Gale.
         Augusta has a board of trade with E. C. Allen as president.
          The Waterville Sentinel says Colonel H. C. Marriam, of the 7th, United States
     Infantry, a Maine boy, in now in Berlin showing his newly patented soldiers to
     the German army officers.
          Monday week, Abram Speed of Washington, strained his stomach and bowels
     lifting a heavy timber. The next morning he felt all right and started for Searsmont
     with his team.  On the way he was taken with such severe pains that he could not
     stand. Inflammation of the bowels set in and Wednesday night he died after  great
          The two year old daughter of Wesley Lewis, of Rockland, drank the contents of
     a bottle of cough balsam, Friday, and fell into a comatose condition.
          Our Washington correspondent writes: Mr. Orrin S. Benner recently had his head
     and leg severely injured by being thrown against a fence while riding a young colt.



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