Sunday, August 16, 2015


                                                           CITY MATTERS
                                                      (Glances About Town)
          The  Portland Club on Wednesday evening entertained Honorable A.B. Beard,
     State Treasure of Massachusetts, who made a vigorous and acceptable speech on
     political issues.
           Mr. Gardner Floyd of this city, a submarine diver, was successful in recovering,
     last week, the body of the McNally boy, drowned at Lewiston, through the conditions
     were unfavorable, owing to driftwood and obscurity; this makes the fourth body Mr.
     Floyd has recovered at Lewiston and vicinity within a few years.
           Two veterans of 1812, Messrs. Smith and Lowell, aided the squad which
     decorated the graves of the soldiers of that war in this city on Memorial Day.
          Mr. Samuel Trask is to erect a block of two handsome brick houses on the corner
     of Spring and Vaughan Streets.
          Mr. Osgood will open the Hope Island House on the 15th inst.; he has improved
     the approach to the house by removal of the old stone wall and built a neat waiting
     room on the wharf, summer visitors will find Hope Island a very attractive resort.
          The first volume of York Deeds, published by Mr. J. T. Hall, under the direction
     of the Maine Historical Society, will be ready for delivery about June 10th.
          Parker & Nagle, of this city, on Saturday, shipped a keel boat and a center board
     surf boat to New Orleans for use in the bayous; they are each 24 1/2 feet long, white
     oak framed, cedar planked, brass kneed and copper fastened.
          Schlotterbeck & Foss will soon start  an apothecary store at Knightville.
          A child of Mr. John Batty, Federal Street, has died with malignant diphtheria, the
     house  is quarantined.
          Mr. Jenks opens his house on Great Chebeague on the 14th inst., and expects a
     liberal patronage this season.
           B. A. Atkinson & Co., have furnished two sets of elegant drawing-room furniture
      for the Glen House.
          Captain Barre, of revenue cutter Dallas, now undergoing repairs after her winter
     work, says that in some respects the weather during the past winter was the worse he
     has known in thirty years.
          On Tuesday evening, June 14th, at the First Parish Church, Rev. Dr. E. E. Hale,
     of Boston, will read his popular story, "In His Name," and there will be a
     musical entertainment in which Mrs. Clark Cushing and Mrs. Morrison will favor
     the audience with solos and quartettes.
          The Reverend W. C. Stiles, of Pittsfield, N. H., whose wanderings have occasioned
     so much anxiety, passed through here Saturday on his way home in charge of friends;  
     he was dressed in clerical garb, but had a broom in one hand a  straw hat in the other,
     and several felt hats tucked away in pockets; he is demented from overwork, and has a
     hallucination that he is over-run with engagements to preach all over the country.
          While Augustus Hill was at work on an elevator in a Commercial Street store,
     Tuesday, he fell down the shaft from the fourth story, breaking his leg and  elbow, but
     not sustaining internal injuries, it is thought.
          The Back Bay and Fore River Commissioners organized Tuesday, by the election
     of Judge Symonds as chairman.

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