Wednesday, January 13, 2016


                                                                   CITY ITEMS
          The Jubilee Singers drew a good house, and their melodious voices held the audience
     even against the alarm of the fire-bells; the next entertainment of the course, a lecture by
     Mary C. Eastman on the question of "Ought women to want to vote," with a concert by
     Chandler's Ban, will occur Thursday, November 13th.
          By the terms of Rear Admiral Alden's will his statue can be placed only over his
     grave in the Eastern Cemetery; he will be represented in full uniform.
          Mr. Charles A. Gilson was thrown from his carriage by a railway horse one day
     last week, and received painful but not dangerous injuries.
          Harry Brown is about settling down in his studio for the season; he has orders for
     several pictures.
          On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we are to have Emma Abbott Opera
     Company at City Hall; there will be an extra car on the Deering route.
          Galt's wharf is undergoing extensive repairs.
          The Young Men's Democratic Club, a hard money organization, has been organized
     with S. C. Strout, Esq., as President.
          Jose Congesto, the Acting Consul for Spain, makes an appeal in behalf of the suffers
     by the recent disastrous floods in that country; the benevolent can send the subscriptions
     to the Spanish consulate.
          On Friday week, Mrs. Henry C. Fitch, who keep the boarding house No. 88 Park
     Street, was very badly burned by her clothes taking fire at an open fire place, out of
     which a puff of wind blew the flames.
            On Thursday week Mr.  George Russell, the ship-builder of East Deering, fell
      from a staging into the hold of a vessel; his nose was split and two of his front teeth
     knocked out.
          A deaf man named McCallum, walking on the railroad track on Commercial Street,
     last Friday, was struck by a train and had his collar bone broken, a leg cut and his head
     and hands bruised.
          The Rev. J. M. Lowden, late of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has received and accepted a
     call from the Free Baptist Church of this city be become their pastor.
          Josh Billings did not draw a large audience at City Hall, but those who were present
     were well entertained by his humorous treatment of the topics of the day.
          At the Teachers' Meeting last Monday evening, a paper was read by Miss Kate B. Clark
     upon  "What are our Duties Concerning Indolent Pupils?" it was discussed by Messrs.
     Chase and Shehan.
           The Preble heirs  are to receive $9,000 for the share of Deering Oaks.



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