Sunday, January 31, 2016


                                                 CITY ITEMS
                                            (Glances About Town)
          If we may  believe what the dailies say of each other the editorial corps of the
     city has been strengthened by auxiliaries; according the Press Mrs. Harris is a
     leading contributor to the columns  of the Angus, and the same authority
     announces that Mr. Jorkins is apparent in the editor of the Advertiser, while
     the latter sheet learns that Humphrey Guptill of the  Press; all these
     announcements, we presume, are to be taken in a Pickwickian sense.
          The Army and Navy entertainment will open with a grand vocal and instrumental
      concert, by Gilmore's Band and Orchesters, and Mrs. C. A. Barry, November
     10th; this will be followed by three other first class concerts for which Miss
     Carey, Miss Addie S. Ryan and the Mendelssonhn Quintette Club have been
     engaged;  these together with the lectures by Rev. Mr. Murray Matthew Hale
     Smith, and others, offer  a very attractive course worthy of a large patronage.
          A little son of  Mr. Rufus Waite, was run over by a large jigger on Monday;
     hopes were entertained that the injury would not prove fatal.
          John Chinaman has appeared in our streets, looking spruce and trim.
           Among the many fine residences in this city the present season is the elegant
      mansion of Honorable Woodbury Davis at the corner of Congress and Mellen
     Streets; the estimated cost of the establishment is $25,000.
         The venerable Mrs. Mary Woodbury the relict of the late William Woodbury,
    Esq., died at her residence in this city on Saturday last, at the advanced aged of
    ninety-two years and eight months; she was married in 1797,seventy-three years
    ago, and living with her husband the long period of sixty-four  years.
         It is discovered that the missing son of the Earl of Aberdeen, who went for a
     sailor, fell overboard  from a vessel sailing out of Boston last January, and was
     drowned. He shipped as chief mate, went by the name of George L. Osborne,
     and hailed from Richmond, Maine.

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