Wednesday, January 27, 2016


          Saco, September 17th, to the wife of Seth Sennott, a daughter.
          Bangor, September 15th, to the wife of G. I. Wescott, a son.
          Lewiston, September 11, to the wife of J. J. Davis, a daughter; to the wife of
       James Smith, a son.
          Leeds Center, September 10th, to the wife of Mr. H. G.  Gare?ion, a daughter.
          Foxcroft, to the wife of Dr. William Buck, a son.
          Curtis Corner,  September 4th,to the wife of James Bates, a daughter.

          In Curtis Corner, September 18th, George Marquis and Margaret Henoy (Henny?),
     both of Portland.
          In this city, Joseph Eaton of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Lucella H. Key, of Athol,
          In this city, September 13th, Alvin A. Lane, of Portland, and Abbie M. Porter,
     of North Yarmouth.
          In this city, September 13th, Charles B. Holfsenstien and Annie L. Cleland,
     both of New York.
          In this city, September 12th, John H. D. Madison of Portland, and Mary H.   
     Mahoney of Halifax, N. S.
          In this city September 14th, Edward D. Horton and Lois W. Allen, both of
          Westbrook, 17th, Elie Boulanger and Marie Bussiere.
          In Cape Elizabeth, September 14th, by Rev. B. F. Prichard, Daniel E. Webber,
     of Cumberland, and Abbie R. Dyer of Cape  Elizabeth.
          Gardiner, September 6th, Ivory W. Wakefield and Alice L. Chase.
          Hallowell, September 4th, William O. Grant and Susie Chamberlain.
          Augusta, September 4th, Benjamin F. Dow of Sidney, and Lizzie A. Wellman,
     of Washington, Knox County.
          Cherryfield, September 10th, O. C. Ward and C. Ada Small, both of Cherryfield.
          Belfast, September 12th, William P. Burrill and Miss Mary E. Ellis, of both
     of Belfast.
          Rockland, September 13th, H. N.  Keen and Mrs. Eliza W. Smith, both of
          Bangor, September 13th, Thomas W. Hix, of Rockland and Mrs. Sophia Bragg,
     of Bangor.
          Auburn, September 10th, Abial S. Winslow and Annie J. Ellis, both of
          Robbinson, September 3rd, Sanford S. Small, Esq., of Pembroke and Maria W.
          Norway, Me., September 7th, Charles A. Carpenter, of Auburn, and Annie F.
     Shackley of Norway.
          New Portland, September 12th, John F. Phillips and Ellen  P. Thomason,
     both of New Portland.
          Casco, September 4th, Michael Sposedo and Mrs. Esther H. Cops, both of



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