Sunday, January 24, 2016


           The number of vessels belonging to, or bound to, or from ports in the United
      States, reported totally lost or missing during the past month is 32, of which 17
      were wrecked, 4 abandoned,
      abandoned, 2 sunk by collision 6  foundered, 3 missing. The list comprises 0 steamers,
      2 ships, 6 barques, 2 brigs and 22 schooners, total estimated value, exclusive of cargo,
       is $290,000.
          Launched. At Bath 1st inst., by William Rogers, a barquetine of 530 tons, no yet named,
     by the builder.
          At Bath, 3rd inst., Goss & Sawyer launched today a schooner of 850 tons, not named,
     owned by parties in Taunton, Mass. Captain J. Phillips commands her.
           Steamer Florence, of Newport, has been purchased by E. P. Shaw of Newburyport, not
       Portland. She is to ply on the Merrimac.

          Schooner Antelope, Reed, from Boothbay for Boston, with fish, sprung a leak Saturday
     night and sun. The crew safe.
          Schooner Kit Carson, Brown, from Philadelphia for Portland, was run into 29th Oct., of
     Newcastle, Delaware, by the tug Hudson, and had three planks stove or port side. She will
     repair in Newcastle.
          Schooner Hattie Turner, for Boston, was spoken on  Oct. 16th., in lat 57 long 71.-crew
     sick with fever.
           Schooner Sarah Eaton, from Boston for Calais, parted chain and lost anchor 30th, off
     eastern point of Cape Ann. She put in for a new one
          Barque Edwin Reed, Higgins, at New York from Antwerp, reports strong westerly gales
     after leaving the Banks, lost and split sails and damaged forward.
          Schooner Sea Bird, from Providence for Philadelphia, that put into New York dismasted,
     has repaired and sail 25th for Boston.
          Ship Antelope, Cheney, at Liverpool from San Francisco, reports a succession of violent
     gales; lost nearly a whole suit of sails, damaged rigging, stove forward house, strained vessel
     and sprung a leak.
         Barque Norena, Nichols, A Troon (Hawaii) from Portland, while shifting positions Oct. 17th,
     fouled and carried away jibboom.
          Schooner Charles A. Ropes, from Lubec for Boston, with potatoes and fish, drifted ashore
     at St. George29th. Port of deck load of potatoes was thrown over, and she came of next tide
     without damage.
          Schooner Almeda, from New York for Boston, which went ashore at Vineyard Haven
     Oct 24th was floated evening of 25th. She was leaking about 400 strokes per hour.
          Schooner Grace Webster, Young, from Baltimore or Lynn, put into Vineyard Haven, 30th
     with loss of foretopmast and jibboom in the gale of 22nd.
         Schooner Julie Elizabeth, from Harbor Island arrived at Wilmington, N. C., 1st inst., leaky
     and mainmast sprung.
          Barque River Logan, from Bassein, Myanmar, landed at Falmouth E. 21st., Oct. C. Brodie,
     mate and six of the crew on ship Sylvanua Blaunchard,, from Liverpool for Rio Janeiro, coal
     laden when vessel was abandoned Sept. 20th,  lat 13 N lon 20 2 10 W, with 6 1/2 water in
      hold. Mate reports heavy weather from leaving  Liverpool til the crew left her after setting
      her on fire. The Captain and 9 men left in one boat and the mate and 6 men in the other,
      both steering from Cape Verds, but separated the first night



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