Friday, January 29, 2016


          In this city, 18th, Nellie  P. Collins, of Deer Isle, age 18. Daughter of William
          In this city, September 15th, Mrs.  Martha Rogers wife of J. R. Thompson.
          In this city, September 14th, Frankie, only son of James and Sarah M. Stinson,
     aged 1 year 11 months.
          In this city, September 18th, Peter Mugford, aged 66.
          Woodford's Corner, 18th inst., Mrs. Clara M., wife of Almon Leach, age 35.
          Cape Elizabeth, September 18th, Jeanette, daughter of Josiah  S. Lydia A. Dyer,
     aged 9 years, 6 months.
          In this city,  September 17th, Mrs. Mary, relict of the late Captain William
     Woodbury, aged 92 years, 9 months.
          Knightville, (Cape Elizabeth) John Thomas Clark, aged 32 years 9 months.
          Durham, September 13th, Ernest Howard, son of P. C. and H. Shaw, 4 years
     7 months.
          Rockland, September 2nd, Mrs. Sarah, relict of the late Daniel Leighton,
     aged  63 years.
          Boothbay, September 1st., Mrs. Mary Follansabee, aged 83.
          Woodstock, August 25th, Mrs. Abigail Cole,  aged 75 years 10 months.
          Ellsworth, September 5th, Mrs. Mary Hosmer, aged 64.
          Standish, September 15th, Isaac H. Ward, aged 66 years 7 months.
          Denmark, Me., September 7th, Leonard K. Ingalls, aged 65 years.
          Durham, September14th, Clement J. Harkins, aged 58.
          Boothbay, September  7th, Mrs.  Mary Bell Phillis, aged 25.
          Solon, September 2nd, Mrs. Sarah, wife of the late Captain Samuel Haton,
       aged 86.
          Turner, August 28th, Sumner French, aged 74.
          East Montville, September 9th, William Cunningham, aged 75.
          Dixfield, September 9th, Dr. Zenas W. Bartlett, aged 52.
          Surry, September 4th, Captain Solomon J. Treworgy, aged 59.
          Lubec, September 8th, James Roberts, aged 83.
          South Paris, September 7th, Henry McKenney, aged 91 years 5 months.
          Gray, August 31st., Moses Merrill, aged 93 years 5 months.
          Buckfield, September 3rd., Ira Gardiner, aged 75.
          Bangor, September 11th, John Webb, aged 53.
          Kennebunk, September 10th, Edmund Patterson, aged 74 years.
          York, August 20th, David Littlefield, aged 88.
          Kittery Point, September 8th, Mrs. Mary Phillips, aged 85.

               In Cape Elizabeth, September 9th, Mrs. Mercy Ann, wife of David D.
          Mariner, aged 48 years.
                    Though freed from earth yet she doth live,
                          And linger round the household band,
                    And oft the stricken hearts received
                           Some token from an angel's hand.

                    She points them to the blessed beam,
                         Of that great sun whose cheering light,
                    Shone o'er the tide of death's cold stream,
                         And then dissolved her faith in sight.


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