Tuesday, April 9, 2013


           In this city 7th inst., by Rev. C. F. Penney, Everett C. Brown to Miss
           Lizzie A. Gordon,  both of Portland.
           In this city 30th ult., by Rev. Dr. Quinby, Fred Mansfield to Miss Nellie A.
          Metcalf, both of Hope.
           In Farmington 2st inst., Joseph C. Holman, Esq., to Miss Mittie F. Currier,
          both of Farmington.
           In North Jay 2nd inst., Olney A. Burgess of Andover, Me., to Miss Addie
          P. Lake of Jay.
           In Reading, Massachusetts, 25th inst., Lyman L. Jones., of Weld to Miss
          Mattie Wightman of Reading.
          I n Athens, Maine., 4th inst., by  Rev. R. F. French, Jackson Cayford to Miss
          Aphai M. Getchell, both of Fairfield.
           In Riverside 30th ult., by Rev. Charles Bray, H. W. Woodcock of
         Vassalboro' to Mrs. Frank Wilson of Portland.
          In Auburn 2nd inst., Walter D. Crafts of Auburn, to Miss Ellie Watson of
          In West Lynn, Massachusetts, 28th ult.,   Charles W. Brown, formerly of
          Damariscotta to Miss Mina K.  .Breed, of West Lynn.
          In Bristol 23rd inst., Allen F. Quimby to Miss Annie E. Chisam, both of
          Bristol; 2nd inst., B. F. Tambor to Miss Rebecca R. Quimby of Waldoboro.
          In Jefferson 30th ult., Wells A. Deering to Miss Callie Kennedy.
          In Wascassset 31st int., Caton to Miss Susan Foster.


          In this city at the Insane Hospital, 6th ult., Mrs. Honora, wife of Michael
          Lee of Portland.
          In Sidney, Maine 3rd inst., Thomas Whitchouse, aged 87 years, 6 months
          5 days.
          In Vienna, Maine, 28th ult., Lewis Brown, aged 23 years.
          In Farmington 3rd inst., Mrs. Joseph Butterfield, aged 82 years, 7 months,
          and 8 days.
          In Lynn, Massachusetts, 26th ult., Cummings E. Johnson, formerly of
          Lisbon, Maine., aged 49 years 1 month.
          In Weld 23rd inst., Miss Edith, only child of Joseph Plummer   aged 17 years;
          wife of Benjamin Jones, aged 50 years.
          In Damariscotta 29th ult., Jane M. Metcalf, wife of Honorable  B. D. Metcalf,
          68  years.
          In Bath 2nd inst., Addie S., wife of Joseph R. Mitchell, aged 22 years, 11
          In Woodwich 1st inst., Eugene R. Brookings, aged 21 years, 9 months.
          In Georgetown 1st inst., Miss Abby A. Rowe, aged 28 years.


           The sad news of  Mr. Henry Brown of this place, Letang River was
           received here Monday. He was hoisting the sail of his boat and the
           halliards (sic)  breaking he fell back overboard. Not being able to
           swim and being alone in  the boat, he was drowned.
                                                                                    [Eastport Sentinel]

          Charles B. Palmer of Bremen has a curiosity in a chicken with four
          legs. Both pair of legs are well developed, but only one pair are used.

          William Lord of Minot, eight-seven years old, celebrated the Fourth
          in the hay field loading hay.

          The Whig says that a family reunion of the descendants of Mr. Levi
          Page, on of the first settlers of Brownville, was held at that place
          July 4th. The family was represented by fifty-three in number.
         The neighbors of Captain Bradford Merry, in South Newcastle who
         recently lost his barn by fire, collected Saturday to the number of
         about forty, and assisted him in raising and covering a new one.

          Bath, July 9th. The schooner N. Berry, 123 tons leach from Bangor
         for Providence, R.I. sprung a leak Sunday afternoon, thirty miles off
         Cape Elizabeth , and filled in 30 minutes.  The captain bore away for  the
         Kennebec River, in entering which he drifted on the Sugar Loaf, and
         remained till this morning, when she came off.  She is owned by P.
         McConville and others of Bangor.

          Lewiston, July 9th.  Charles Densmore, river driver, in starting a jam
         of logs slipped and had his leg crushed between the logs.

          Farmington, July 9th.  Charles L. Craig, aged 53 hung himself last night.

         Launched at Kennebunkport 3rd inst., from the yard of Crawford  &
         Perkins by Lyman Mitchell and William Brooks, a superior, wide but
        sharp schooner of about 150 tons, not yet named, and is for sale.

         Biddeford, July 7th. The house of Dorcas  Cole, corner of West and
         Alfred Streets, was burned this morning.  Insured for four hundred
         dollars. Most of the furniture was saved.

         Bath July8th.  The home of John Higgins of Water Street in this city
         was burned this afternoon.    Loss eight hundred dollars. Insured for
         eight hundred dollars Hugh Craig's house adjoining was damaged,
         eight hundred dollars. Insured seven hundred dollars.  The furniture
          partially insured.

         Skowhegan, July 6th.  The farm building of Phineas Eames of Embden,
         consisting of house, shed and two barns, was destroyed by fire last night. 
        Part of the furniture was saved. Loss two thousand dollars, supposed to
        be incendiary. Another fire in  Embden on Friday night burned the farm
        of John Wentworth.  Insure for nine hundred dollars. Supposed incendiary.

       Portland 7th.  The mangled body of a man named Jellerson, was found on
       the Rochester (N. H.) railroad track, near Hollis this morning, probably
       killed by the night freight train.

       Houlton, July8th.  William Shaw's bark extract works in this town was
       burnt early this morning.  The fire caught near the boiler, was discovered
       by the watchman, too late to save the building. Loss ten thousand dollars.
       Partially save.




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