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            In Bath Mr.. Philemon  R. Russell to Miss Martha Robinson.
            In Saco, Honorable Isaac Emery of Biddeford to Miss Sarah Spring,
          daughter of Seth Spring, Esq.
            In Union Mr. Abijah P. Judd, of Vermont to Miss Sarah R. Gilmore.


            In Bath on the 25th inst., Captain Calvin Waterman, aged 58, formerly
          of Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
            In August, on Wednesday the 25th, Mr. Jacob Bassford, aged 55.
            In Litchfield on the 19th inst., widow Jane Potter.
            On Wednesday the 25th inst., was drowned at Gardiner Village, Mr. William
          Stevens, son of Amos Stevens, Esq.,  of Litchfield.  He attempted to cross a
          timber which lay across the mouth of the Cobbesse-Contee stream, for the
          purpose of securing lumber in the Mill Dock, when he was blown into the
          stream, in the most rapid part of the current. Ever  attempt was made to save
          the life of this promising young man was unavailing; and he was thus suddenly
          launched into the boundless ocean of eternity, leaving a numerous circle of friends
          and  relations to deplore his untimely loss. His body has not yet been found. (Com)

                                                              May 4, 1827
             In Boston by the Rev. W. Knowles, Mr. Simon H. Lewis to Miss
          Martha Earle.
            In Portland Mr. John Lecomaraine to Miss Nancy Goodenow; Rev. Thomas
         B. Ripley to Miss Martha Mayo.


            In Winthrop on Tuesday1st , Mrs. Abiah, consort of Abiel Pitts, aged 53,
          When such a person is taken away by death, a bereaved family and friends
          may well mourn.
            In this town, Gardiner, suddenly on Monday last, Mr. Eliphalet Pray, aged 43
          years.  On Thursday last while at work on the rounds as a highway surveyor,
          he accidently wounded one of his hand by a small paper of skin being torn off.
          On the following day cold in this very trifling wound, which occasioned such an
          inflammation that he died of it but a little more than two day afterwards! He was
          one of the most robust citizen, and has left many friends to mourn the sudden
          and unexpected death of a useful man. 
            In South Boston, Mrs. Jane, consort of Joseph Woodward,  Esq., after a sickness
          of more than three years.
            In  England Mr. Rundall.  He amassed a great fortune from being a poor
          youth. He left $1,200,000. The Probate Stamp cost $15,000. He invited the\
          son of Mr. Bannister the actor, to breakfast with him the day he was free,
          when he gave him, beside his coffee, a check for $10,000. He gave $20.000
          apiece to the children of Mr. Bigge.
            In Hallowell, Miss Cordelia Martin, daughter of Mr. Alfred Martin, aged


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