Monday, April 8, 2013



          In this city 1st inst., by Rev. Dr. Shailer, Mr. Thaddeus Hatch to Miss
          Hattie E. Loring, both of Portland.
          In this city 1st inst., by Rev. S. F. Wetherbee, Mr. George W. H. Brooks to
          Miss Alice M. Coffin.   
          In this city 1st inst., by Dr. Wright, Mr. E. K. Varney of Windham, to Miss
          Augusta Stanford of Portland.
          In this city 2nd inst., by Rev. H. Cox, Mr. Warren Phillips to Miss Susan
          S. Brooks, both of Portland.
          In this city 28th inst.,  by Rev. Dr. Carruthers, Rev. Edward P. Thwing to
          Miss Susan M. Waite, both of Portland.
          In this city 25th ult., by Rev. Webber, Mr. Alpheus Griffin to Miss Mary
          In this city 4th ult., by Rev. Mr. Hayden, Mr. Moses E. Perry to Miss Sarah
          E. Sawyer, both of Portland.
          In Cape Elizabeth 25th ult., Mr. Benjamin F. Elliot of Portland, to Miss
          Susan E. Webster of Cape Elizabeth.
          In Cape Elizabeth 1st inst., Mr. Atwood S. Shurtleff to Miss Mary E.
          Lewis, both of Gorham.
          In Westbrook 2nd inst., by Rev. W. G. Hoben, Mr. Henry W. Caswell to
          Sarah L. Humphrey, both of  Yarmouth.
          In Westbrook 2nd inst., by Rev. G. W. Bosworth, Mr. George L. Hodgdon
          to Miss Grace R. Lockhart.
          In Saccarappa 1st inst., by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Mr. Enos B. Hale of
          Windham, to Miss Adeline Cloudman of Gorham.
          In Gray 26th inst., by Rec. C. C. Cone, Rev. H. B. Mitchell, of the Maine
          Conference to Miss Martha P. Morse, of Gray.
          In Casco 27th ult., by Moses S. Eastman, Esq., Mr. Silas Moor of Casco,
          to Miss Caroline H. Plummer of Raymond.
          In Waterville 25th ult., Mr. Samuel H. Carter of Portland to Miss Sarah
          Noble of Waterville.
          In Casco, Novembers 25th, by Rev. Hugh Mcquilla, Mr. Charles L.
          Shane to Miss Addie V. Jacques , all of Casco.
          In Boston 29th inst., by Rev. D. C. Eddy, Mr. James F. Harris, Portland to
          Miss Annie M. Moses of  Boston.
          In Greenland, New Hampshire 25th inst., Mr. Matthew Libby, of Portland
          to Miss Eliza G. Thornton of Scarboro.


          In this city 30th inst., Mr. Charles C. Hatch, formerly of Wells, aged 38.
          In this city 28th ult., Henry S., youngest son of Job L. Wentworth, aged
          14 years, 8 months.
          In Falmouth 27th ult., Freeland, only child of Lorenzo and Mary M.
          Washburn, aged 2 months 27 days.
          In Otisfield 20th ult., very suddenly, Mr. Lyman Nutting, aged 66.
          In Brunswick 21st int., Mr. Joseph James, aged 35 years, 11 months.
          In Belfast 15th ult., Mr. James S. Burgin, aged 59 years.
          In Northport 20th ult., Mr. Reuben Davis, aged 62 years.
          In August 18th inst., Mrs. Rose Grady, aged 27 years, 7 months.
          In West Bethel 20th inst., Joseph H. Mason, aged 20.
          In Wells 11th inst., Capt. Samuel Lord, aged 67.
          In Bath 2nd inst., James Potter, Esq., aged 66 years, 3 months, 11 days.
          In Wells 11th ult., Colonel Seth Hatch, aged 81; 18th Mr. Joseph
          Sawyer, aged 74.
          In Kennebunkport 18th inst., Miss Lucy Durell, aged 68.
          In Kennebunk, 1st inst., Emma, wife of Mr. Henry Bunker, aged 24.


          On Wednesday the 4th, Honorable Neal Dow fell from a beam in his steam
          tannery, upon the top of a boiler, striking a hoe which inflicted a severe
         wound upon his body.  He narrowly escaped falling into a vat of scalding
         water. He was insensible for some time, but ultimately recovered himself, and
         expressed his thankfulness that he had received no more serious injury.

         On Sunday last the roof and rear of the house owned and occupied by Mr.
         Silas Mariner, near Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth, were partly consumed
         by fire. No damage was done to furniture. 

         The second concert of the Portland Band will take place on Monday
         evening next. Mrs. Julia Morris (formerly Miss Wheelock of Portland)
         is to be the vocalist of the evening.

        On Sunday evening next Rev. Alexander Burgess will deliver a discourse
        at High Street Church in behalf of the Home of Aged Indigent Women. The
        cause is very deserving one, and there will doubtless be a large attendance.

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