Thursday, April 18, 2013


                                                             KNOX COUNTY

            The schooner James A. Brown from Raritan River, New Jersey reports that
          she lost her first mate, Alfred Moore when off Highland Light, Saturday. Moore
          fell overboard from the jib boom.  He was 29 years of age and belonged in
            Eli J. Linnekin, a native of Appleton died at his home in Allegany, Pennsylvania
          last week, aged 58.
            A volunteer infantry company, to be known as the Camden Volunteers, has been
          organized in town under the leadership of Mr. W. H. Gardiner. Names are being
          signed each day to the already large list and the drilling will commence soon.
               Jesse Wood of Rockland who has been serving a sentence of three years at the
          prison for breaking, entering and larceny was released Friday.
            The San  Francisco Bulletin prints this item:  Frank Luce who lived alone in a portion
          of a deserted barn, dropped dead while returning home with a bundle of meat. When
          the morgue wagon arrived the coroner's deputies had to drive away with a whip two
          Newfoundland dogs that defended their master's corpse before they could touch the
          body.  Luce had fallen within a few hundred yards of the barn in which he had lived
          during the last three years. He did odd jobs in the neighborhood, particularly in lumber
          yards. Luce was a native of Rockland and was about 58 years of age.
            Edwin R. Coffin, Esq., of the firm of Fish, Richardson & Starrow of Boston, is in
          Rockport taking depositions in the case of Carleton Norwood & Co. vs. W. G. Nash
          of Boston.  The Carleton's have petitioned the court to enjoin Mr. Nash from selling
          lime with the words "Jacob" on it, purchased of the S. E. & H. L. Shepherd company
          claiming an equal right to the use of the brand.  The case in now pending in United
          States Circuit Court, district of Massachusetts.
             Mr. Almon  M. Thompson died at Union last week, aged 73 years.  He received the
          the degree of  Free Masonry more than 50 years ago, and served as tyler (?) for 30
             Mr. Lawrence F. Abbott of New York, son of Dr. Lyman Abbott has purchased a
          lot on Ogier's Hill, on which is expected he will erect a summer residence.  Mr.
          Abbott spent last summer in Camden.

                                                        WASHINGTON COUNTY

            The Pleasant Point Indians are organizing a battalion of 100 members of the
          Passamaquoddy Indians, with the intentions of offering their services to the
          government in the event of war with Spain.
             A house belonging to Nelson Spinney was slightly   damaged by fire last week.
          It caught from a defective chimney.
          A party which will leave St. Croix valley for the Klondike within a few days includes
          the following:  Mrs. Taylor and Miss Bonness, St. Stephen; Aaron Cross, Ira Stinson,
          J. D. Bonness, Christopher Faulkner, W. A. Lamb, A. V. Greenlaw, David Marrs,
          Stephen Chambers, and Maurice McGarrity, all of Calais.
            Mrs. Lorena Bangs, one of the old residents of North Lubec  died at her home last
            At Whiting recently 20 deer, including a white one were seen by Emery White.
         Another resident discovered five, and they are reported plentiful in the Perry woods.
            Landlord W. B. Cottle of Lubec offers the Merchants' Hotel for sale, together with
         the furniture, stable, etc. The house is three and one-half stories, finely situated and
         offered for $6,500.
            M. B. Steven's box mill in Cutler is in operation.
            One morning last week, Mr. and Mrs. Phinnemore, who live in the Small district
          of Cherryfield were poisoned by drinking coffee in which Paris green had been put.
          Their domestic, a girl about 12 years old admitted that she mixed the poisonous drink.
           By prompt action no serious results followed. Mr. Phinnemore and his wife live on a
           farm and had taken the girl to live with them.  No cause for the girl's act is give.
                                                                  LINCOLN COUNTY

            Mr. Henry Hussey of North Nobleboro has a cradle that has been used by three
          generations of his family.  More than 50 children have been rocked in it.
            Mrs. Amy Pinkham, (nee Abbott) of Boothbay Harbor is now over 100 years old,
          having been born September 4, 1794.  Her hearing is perfect and her mind is sound,
          while her memory of remote events is as clear as is our of yesterday's happenings.
          She recalls distinctly many of local movements of the soldiery in the War of 1812.
            The Lincoln County News has been sold to Mr. George Bliss, of Waldboro. Mr.
          Miller will act as editor for the present.

                                                      FRANKLIN COUNTY
            Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stewart of Farmington celebrated the 66th anniversary
          of their wedding day last week.
            Mr. Ridley of Leeds, who was a member of the Mount Saddleback Lodge,
         of I. O. O. F.  of Phillips has just died, making their seventh member only
         since their organization 16 years ago last August.
           Dr. Perkins of Wilton was thrown from his sleigh on coming from North Jay,
       and his horse landed on a front yard fence near the Methodist church.  The horse
       was cut and the sleigh somewhat defaced, but both  were running on the street the
       next day.
          R. O. Dunning of Carthage has gone to North Dakota, intending to go later to
      Alaska.  He has disposed of all his property.

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