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             In this city June 29th William H. Sanborn and Georgie A. Crockett, both
          of Portland.
             In this city July 1st, George Curtis of Bowdoinham and Mary A. Heldelberg,
          of Portland.
             In this city June 29th, Elvin C. Swett and Miss Elvira Leighton, both of
             In Boothbay June 27th by Wilmot Lewis II, Esq., Alden B. Barter and
          Miss Mary J. Giles, both of Boothbay.
             In Frankfort, Maine, June 24th, William P. Whitehouse, Esq., of Augusta
          and Eva Maria Treat, of Frankfort.
             In Vienna, Maine, June 20th, Asa R. Moore and Mill Vill Ladd.
             In South Windsor, June 16th, Moses J. Donnell of Pittston and  Ann
          E. Bryant, of Windsor.
            In Belgrade June 6th Hiram  Ellis of Augusta and Ella R. Ellis, of Belgrade.
            In Bowdoinham June 24th Mulvy Partridge of Woolwich, and Miss Susan W.
          Curtis  of Bowdoinham.
            In Hebron June 19th, Lafayette Starbird and Malvina J. Young.
            In Hebron June 20th, Eleazer Snell of Buckfield and Cyrena Decoster,
          of Hebron.      
            In Newry June 20th, George Crooker and Mary  G. Smith.
            In Lock Haven, Pennsylvania  June 24th, by Rev. George W. Shinn,
          Alonzo M. Millett  and Miss Georgie Short, both of Portland.
             In Hallowell June 8th, Nathaniel L. Francis, of Rutland (Vt?) and Julia
          P. French of Chelsea (Mass?)
             In Brunswick June 27th, George T. Pratt and Miss Jennie Noyes,
          both of Yarmouth.
            In Hallowell June 24th, George H. Woodard of Gardiner and May
          Lizzie Niles of Hallowell.
            In Kennebunkport, William W. Buzzell and Abba Plummer.
            In Orono June 24th, Mr. David G. Stone and Nancy W. Welch, both
          of Perkins Plantation.
            In Livermore Falls June 5th David Stone  and Nancy A. Welch, both
            In Livermore Falls June 24th, Horace A. Briggs of Minot, and Laura M.
          Nason of Livermore Falls.
            In Gardiner June 27th, Nathan P Lyon, Esq., of Augusta and Celimena
          Mains, of Gardiner.
            In Farmington June 26th, George A. Stewart and Nellie A. Harvey, both
         New Vineyard.
            In Machias June 12th, Martin Foss of Marshfield, and Evelyn C. Seavey
          of Whitneyville.
            In Rockland June 27th, George Bond and Martha E. Huntley.
            In Skowhegan June 27th, Samuel E. Smith and Joana P. Perkins, both
            In Boston June 27th, Philip W. Remick and Cora W. Niles, of Topham.
            In Lewiston June 29th, Albert P. Hardy of Lewiston and Mary  B.
          Ladd of. Abbott.
            In Lewiston June 29th, Chris G. Atkinson of Old Town, and Eliza
          E. Huntington of Lewiston.
           In Fayett June 30th, Seth W. Johnson and Augusta C. Gile.


              In this city June 30th, Dana L., son of Mary E. and A. Ames, both of   
             In this city June 29th, Mrs. Mary E. Smith, aged 37.
             In South Paris, Me., Mrs. Nancy P. Hill, aged 50.
             In Poland, Me., June 24th, Mrs. Wealthy Schellenger, aged 79.
             In Farmington June 19th, Nathan S. Davis, aged 69.
             In East Wilton June 22nd., Mrs. Sophia Burbank aged 45.
             In East Machias May 15th, Mrs. Margaret Greenwood aged 80.
             In Saccarappa June 23rd, Mrs. Mary F. Goold, (sic) aged 28.
             In Augusta June 28th, Mrs. Jane C. Tibbets aged 54.
             In Pittston June 18th, Enoch Hollis  aged 75.
             In Bancroft June 13th, Mrs. Mary Pomeroy aged 90.
             In Mechanic Falls June 23rd, Mr. F. A. Duran aged 32.
             In Poland, Me., June 14th, Mrs. Filena A. Bradeen aged 23.
             In Eastport June 20th, Elijah Harrington aged 82.
             In Sanford June 21st., Jacob Stanley aged 84.
             In Lyman June 17th, Miss Bessie A. Trip  aged 27.
             In Bath June 24th, James Dolan  aged 48.
             In South Berwick 20th, Daniel Smith aged 62.
             In Brownfield June 7th, Ezra H. Meserve  aged 72.
             In Temple June 18th, Phineas Parker  aged 65.
             In Auburn June 29th, Mrs. Betsey Davis  aged 78.
             In Kingfield June 11th, William Dagget  aged 61.
             In Thomaston June 25th, Honorable Atwood Levensaler aged 70.
             In Bowdoin June 23rd, Daniel Carter, aged 46.
             In Thomaston June 27th, Major David N. Piper aged 73.
             In Thomaston June 19th, William Moody.
             In Warren June 16th Job Spear aged 69.
             In Bangor July 1st, Charles E. Parker aged 36.
             In Clinton June 12th, Jonas D. Burrill, Esq., aged 76.

                                                       CITY ITEMS

               Frank Merrill, silver plater, was very seriously injured by the accidental
          discharge of his gun on  the islands last Friday; one half of the jaw was shot away
          and his  face terribly lacerated, but the chances are in favor of his recovery, though
          badly disfigured. 

              We have received an appreciative obituary notice of Mrs. S. A. E., wife
         of Mr. C. P. Beckett from one of the many friends to whom her memory
         is dear.

              An insane man named William Johnson was taken charge of by the police
        last week; he says he is sent by the Savior to redeem the world, and is on a
       mission to save sinners.

              A young lady named Elizabeth Coffin, from Prince Edward's Island, who
        has served as a domestic in the family to Mr. Lowell, on Elm Street, and also
       in the family of the editor of this paper, was arrested last week for larceny and
       and a large number of articles belonging to both families, found in her possession;
       clothing, jewelry, groceries and money were among the articles stolen, and she
       so managed that the larcenies extended through a periods of several months, she
       was not suspected till just before the arrest

            The Bowdoin Class of 1844 celebrates its 25th Anniversary at the coming
      commencement. Among the member are Judge Godard, of the Superior Court,
      Honorable Josiah L. Pickard, Superintendent of Schools of Chicago, Honorable
      D. R. Hastings of Fryeburg, General Samuel J. Anderson and Henry P. Deane,
     Esq., of Portland, Honorable H. J. Herrick of Lawrence, Mass., General William
     Wirt Virgin of Norway, Me., and Honorable H. K. Bradbury of Hollis.

          David A. Bradley was found dead in his bed at the Oxford House, Fryeburg,
     on the 28th ult., and an examination showed his death to be the result of an
     internal hemorrhage.
           A lad named James Brown was instantly killed at Auburn last week by falling
     three stories in attempting to slide down  the bannisters  of the school house.
          Alexander Hughes of Hodgdon on the 25th ult., was upset with a load of
     clapboards, which fell upon him, causing instant death.
          Colonel Alfred E. Buck formerly of Hallowell, has been nominated for
      Congress by the republican on the 1st Alabama district.
          F. W. Bickford escaped from Alfred jail last week and  a reward is offered for
      his capture.

         Messrs. H. M.  & B. Hall, of Ellsworth ship $1000 worth of lumber per day.

         Mr. Herrin of Houlton has sold a colt to a New York gentleman for $2,000.

         Mr. Sinclair of Lisbon attempted suicide quite deliberately a few days ago.
     He shot himself in the head with  a pistol before a mirror  in order to be  sure
    of his aim. But he was surprised to find himself alive, the ball hitting  his skull,
    and glancing upward.  He was unwell, despaired of recovery and this was the
   cause of the rash and unsuccessful attempt.  He received only a scalp wound.

        Several aged people who were among the earliest settlers of Belmont have
     died recently.  Mrs. Rachel Belcher, aged 92; Mrs. Sarah Elms aged 83; Mr.
    Joseph Dunton aged 67.  All have lived in one school district and died within
    five days of each other.

          The house and store of T. J. Merchant of Damariscotta were burned on the
   27th ult.  Loss $10,000 or more; no insurance.

          A monument to the late Dr. Ezekiel Holmes of Winthrop is not being made
   of Hallowell granite. 

          William Russell of Farmington, a young man of 17 years is missing since
    Sunday last week.

         On Sunday last Mr. Lane, of Readfield went in bathing with a little girl and
   both were drowned.  The same day a child of Isaac Perkins of East Winthrop
   was drowned.

          Rev. N. J. Wheeler, pastor of the Baptist church at Skowhegan has tended his

         J. P. Greenough recently killed an otter 5 1/2 feet in length at New Sharon.
        A rigger  named James Silver fell into the hold of the new ship Pacific on the
    1st , and was fatally injured, his skull being badly fractured.

       Miss Maria Johnson for more than twenty-five years matron of the Insane
   Hospital at Augusta, has resigned her position on account of failing health.



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