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            Last week we recorded two marriages in Westbrook by Rev. Mr. Thompson,
          both of which are malicious libels upon worthy individuals.  We have some clue
          to the rascal who imposed on us, and if found he well be made to smart for it

            In this city 19th inst., by Rev. Dr. Shailer, Mr. John F. Chase to Miss Pamelia
          Knight, both of Portland.
            In this city February 7th by Rev. Henry Cox, Mr. R. F. Files to Miss Sarah F.
          Hanscom, both of Portland.
            In Augusta 9th inst., Mr. George S. Shattuck to Miss Eunice S. Kempton; 11th
          inst.,  Mr. Samuel S. Goodrich to Miss Julia A. Pickard.
            In Camden 10th inst., Captain Alden Packard to Miss Mary J. Achorn, both
          of Camden.
            In Smithfield 28th ult., Mr. John Grand, aged 90 to Miss Betsey Brewell aged 20,
          both of Smithfield.
            In Belfast 10th isn't., Mr. W. W. Byrom, of Thomaston to Miss Sarah A. Saunders,
          of Swanville.
            In Monroe 3rd inst., Mr. Abraham L. Eastman, of Jackson to Miss Rachel R.
          Pushar, of Burnham.
            In Bangor 11th inst., Mr. Henry N. Butler of Eastbrook to Miss Julia A.  Springer,
          of Hancock.
            In Moscow, Maine 8th inst., Stephen Steward of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to
          Elizabeth Fentiman of Moscow.
            In Brewer 17th inst., Mr. George A. Smart to Miss Ellen F. Sinclair, both of
            In Hampden 17th inst., Captain Nathaniel W. Bartlett of Orrington to Mrs. Susan
          S. Deane of Hampden.
            In Sedgwick 10th inst., Mr. James D. Fly to Miss Melissa E. Holden, both of
            In Norway, Maine, 31 inst., Mr. Hervey A. Whitney of Montreal, to Miss
          Isabel B. Hatch, of Portland.
            In Norway, Maine 13th inst., Mr. John Gerry to Miss Ellen Churchill, both of
            In Bath 16th inst., Mr. James N. Hinckley to Miss Esther P. Sweet, both of
            In Biddeford 5th inst., Mr. James Etchell to Miss Harriet Harrison, both of
          Biddeford; 7th Mr. Josiah H. Hutchins of Kennebunkport to Miss Betsey M.
          Cobb of Biddeford.
             In Lewiston 9th inst., Mr. Horatio G. Garcelon of Auburn to Julia A. Preble of
            In Auburn 16th inst., Mr. Edward R. Place of Boston, Mass., to Susan H.
          Chandler of Auburn.
            In Topsham 10th inst., Mr. Amasa F. Cmmings to Miss Mary Purinton, both of
             In Lovell Mr. William W. Nevers to Miss Martha E. Tower, both of Sweden,
             In Boston February 28th, by Rev. E. N. Kirk, Mr. John S. Smith of Boston, to
        Miss A. L. P. Skillings of Portland.
            In Boston 18th inst., Captain William H. Morse of Brunswick to Miss Lucy
          Ellen Purrington  of Topsham.


            In this city 22nd inst., Mrs. Sarah, wife of Amos Haskell, aged 70.
            In this city 22nd inst., of consumption, Mr. Melvin A. Atkins, aged 39 years,
          7 months.
            In this city 19th inst., Georgietta, daughter of Richard and Sarah Ann Gould,
          aged 17 months.
            In this city 21st inst., Mrs. Mary, wife of  Moses Plummer, Esq., aged
          53 years, 4 months.
            In this city 16th inst., Mrs. Mary S., wife  of Thomas Abbott, Esq., 61.
            In Falmouth 14th inst., Frank B., son of Joshua and Maria Adams, aged 2
          years, 9 months.
            In West Buxton 16th inst., Andrew H. Smith, aged 30 years, 9 months.
            In New Gloucester 13th inst., Elizabeth S., wife of Charles S. Libby, and
         daughter of Honorable John R. Nutting of Danville, aged 31.
            In Saco 8th inst., Ann M., wife of Mr. Joseph Bradbury, aged 37 years, 2
            In Cape Neddick 7th inst., Polly, widow of Captain Samuel Norton aged 86.
            In Paris, Maine, 15th inst., Mr. Gershom Cole, aged 79.
            In Richmond 8th inst., Captain James G. Pray, aged 53 years.
            In Norridgewock 13th inst., Thomas Lang, son of D. W. and Sybil H. Ames,
          aged 8 months, 19 days.
            In Fryeburg 14th inst., Mary Ann, wife of Mr. William Kelley, aged 35.
            In Brunswick 14th inst., Hannah Stilkey, about 25; Julia L., daughter of Mr.
          Charles E. and Lucy A. Stone, aged 20 months.
            In Kennebunkport 14th inst., widow Sarah Huff, aged 87.
            In Hallowell 13th inst., Matthew Burns, aged 24; Mrs. Sophia E. Bond,
          aged 74; 14th Amos Forrest, aged about 60.
            In Bath 18th inst., Mr. Elisha Hilton, aged 58 years, 9 months.
            In Lincolnville 10th inst., Captain George M. Bragg, aged 41 years, 5
            In Sedgwick 12th inst., Elizabeth Parker of Blue Hill, age 58 years, 9
            In Blue Hill 6th inst., Hannah, wife of Nathan Arnold, aged 57; 11th
          Martha Gray, aged 21; 12th Lemuel Candage, aged 35.
            In New York 21st inst., Kittie, daughter of the late Charles O. Cole, artist of
         Portland, aged 19.
            In Chatham, Carroll County, New Hampshire, 1st inst., Asa eldest son of
          Jacob C. and Louisa Eastman, aged 1 year, 9 months.
                                   Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade,
                                    Death came with friend care,
                                  The opening but to heaven conveyed,
                                    And bade it blossom there.
            At Kendall's Mills 21st inst., very suddenly, Annie Mary, only child of Tristram
          S. and Olive J. Lewis, aged 1 year.
                                   Thou are gone, our darling Annie,
                                     They once rosy cheeks have fled,
                                   The sweet one we loved so dearly
                                     In numbered with the sleeping dead.

                                   They dimpled hands lie folded
                                     Across  thy peaceful breast,
                                   But angel hands have borne thee
                                     To a glorious home of rest.
                                   We miss thee, darling Annie,
                                      We mist thee, gentle dove,
                                    Death's hand how soon has taken,
                                      From a mother's yearning love.
                                   Then, Parents, dry those tears,
                                     Thy Annie is an  angel now,
                                   In a land of life and beauty,
                                     While a crown adorns her brow.

            The Postmaster General has dismissed 31 Special Post Office Agents-among them
          General W. P. Smith of this city-thus effecting, at the risk of those who send money
          by mail, a saving of $36,000.

            Mr. Isaac Center who was so badly injured at Brunswick by the explosion of a
          fluid lamp, died on Sunday.  His appearance was hardly that of a human being, so
          charred his features. He was 60  years of age, and was highly esteemed by the
          citizens of Brunswick.  His life was insured for $10,000.

            The body of Mr. Wilson W. Temple of Bowdoin who has been missing since
          the 21st of February, was recently found forty rods from the road, buried in snow. 
          He probably missed his way home in the middle of the night, and perished with
          the cold.
            The Bath Times learns that the health of Captain Holmes, now in Wiscasset
          jail, is very feeble.  His father, who is very low, and will probably never again go
         so far as the jail, has not seen him since he was removed from Auburn.
            Mr. Thomas Vance, of Lyndon (Letter H.) Aroostook County, recently lost six
          children within a few day of each other-all swept away by typhoid fever of a
          malignant type.

            The life of Honorable Timothy Ludden,  Reporter of Decisions, who died at Lewiston
           on Wednesday week,-as sketched in the Lewiston Falls Journal-well illustrates what may
           be accomplished by persevering industry, and determined will.-
           Engaged upon a farm and in trade during his younger years he was not able to achieve
           the aim of his ambition until the age of 35, when with the cares of a family upon him
           he entered upon the study of the law.  He prosecuted his studies with so much ardor
          that he was soon prostrated with brain fever, and for four years was confined to his
          room, never entirely regaining his health.  Yet he became an able and successful
          lawyer, was elected to the Legislature, and held the offices of Judge of Probate and
          Reporter of Decision, dying at the unripe age of 52.

            There was a capsize-almost-on the York and Cumberland Railroad, at Saccarrappa
          one day last week, and our friend Farnham of the express, got into a tight place, but 
          with his usual good luck escaped with no bones broken.  He is now lively as ever.  Mr.
          Bickford, of Saccarrappa, sprained one of his wrists in jumping from the car.

            Mr. Levi Melcher of Brunswick, who was taken suddenly insane, died at the
          Insane Hospital on Sunday week.

            Mrs. Elizabeth Tracy of Durham, Me., now ninety-six years of age lived  seventy-
          one years.  he died recently, having nearly completed his century year.

                                                       DISASTER, & c.
            Barque Juniata, of Yarmouth from Boston for New Orleans which put into St.
          George, Bermuda 27th ult., with her starboard side stove in  by a sea shipped in
          a gale on the 20th, was repairing 4th inst., and  weather permitting would sail in
          10 or 12 days.
            Barque Merlin, Webster, from Portland for Grand Canary, was abandoned at sea
          February 9th in a sinking condition. Crew taken off by ship J. L. Bogart, at Havre.






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