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            In this city 19th inst., by Rev. S. H. Merrill, Mr. James H. Curtis to Miss
          Martha W. Morrill, both of Portland.
            In Bethel 29th ult., by Rev. Mr. Wheelwright, Mr. Caspar L. Capen to Miss
          Abbie A. Coffin, all of Bethel.
            In Georgetown 23rd ult., Mr. William Mains to Miss Margaret Jane Pinkham,
          both of Georgetown.
            In Lewiston 28th ult., Mr. S. B. Osgood to Ann Augusta Clark, both of
            In Bangor 24th ult., Mr. Charles R. Locke, of Boston, to Miss Lizzie R.
          Ellingwood of Winterport.
            In Lincoln, Aroostook County, 28th ultl, Mr. George Perry to Miss Maria J.
          of Lincoln.
            In Biddeford 24th ult.,  Mr. Colby H. Buzzell to Miss Sophia Thomas, both
          of Biddeford.
            In Danville 17th ult., Mr. Augustus M. Vickery, of Danville to Miss Mary
          A. Badger of Lewiston.
            In Yarmouth
 24th ult., Mr. Nelson B. Mann to Miss Lizzie Beede, both of
            In Freeport  24th ult., Mr. Denham Hall of Bowdoin to Miss Lydia E. Adams
         of Freeport.
            In Raymond, Mr. Henry J. Lane of Caso, to Miss Louisa Haydan of
           In Brunswick 24th ult., Mrs. Catherine Merryman aged 56 years, 7 months.
           In Biddeford 24th ult., Mr. Samuel P. Saunders to Miss Mary F. Johnson, both
           of Saco.
           In Lincoln 21st ult., Mr. Amass S. Boobar of Orrington to Abbia M.
        Woodbury of Lincoln.


             In this city 2nd inst., Mrs. Abbie Burnham, wife of  G. A. C. Randall, aged
          24 years.
             In this city 29th ult., Mr. John Emery, formerly of Cape Elizabeth, aged 82
          years, 1 month.
             In Cape Elizabeth 1st inst., Miss Martha E., daughter of John S. and Eliza
          Hannaford, aged 23 years.
            At Duck Pond, Westbrook 26th ult., of consumption, Mr. Joseph
          Woodbury, aged 55 years.
            Washed overboard from schooner Maracaibo, of Bermuda, Ebenezer
          Thrasher, Jr. of Cape Elizabeth, aged 18 years, 4 months
            In Biddeford 26th ult., Mr. Almon Holden of Otisfield, aged 23.
            In Kennebunkport 13th ult., Mr. George Perkins, aged 54.
            In Saco 27th ult., Captain P. A. J. P. Jones, a pensioner, formerly
          connected with the U. S. Navy, aged 75 years. 
            In Freeport 29th ult., Mr. H. B. Holmes, aged 60.
            In Pownal 29th ult., Mr. John True, aged 73 years, 8 months. 
            In Brunswick 24th ult., Mrs. Catherine Merryman aged 56 years, 7
             In Bangor 31st ult., Nancy, wife of Robert Norton, aged 36 years,
           8 months.
            In Buckfield 21st ult., Rebecca, wife of Rev. George Thomas, aged 65.
            In Bath 27th ult., Mr. Thomas R. Bradford, aged 43 years, 6 months.
            In Arrowsic 26th ult., Mr. James Sally, aged 88.
            In Saccarappa 11th ult., Angelina Gordon, daughter of Jeremiah and
          Susan G. Pennell, aged 26 years 7 months.
            In Gray 6th ult., Mr. Timothy H. Weymouth, aged 46 years.
            In Boothbay 27th ult., Lizzie, wife of Charles Wylie, and only daughter
          of Captain Jacob and Lydia Toothake, aged 29 years, 4 months, 24 days.
            In Gardiner, Mary E., wife of Mr. Tryon Smith, aged 27.


            An old court record in the State Library at Augusts says the Bethel Courier,
          are some of the earliest records of Maine. The following is a specimen of a
          presentation to Court:

                    Wee p'sent Jon West, of Saco, up on suspicion of having two wives
                    Wee p'sent Jon Wadleigh for a common sleeper upon ye Lord's day
                 at meeting.
                     We p'seent Miss Ann Godfry for suspicion of uncivill Carages with
                Captain Champnoonne.

           Says the Lewiston Journal, a teamster a few days since, with a covered team
         loaded with 5,000 pounds of powder for Messrs. Fillebrown's & Wiggin was
         about to cross the railroad near Auburn depot, when he saw a locomotive and
        passenger train approaching.  He could not back out of the way and on came the
        smoke wagon,' vomiting fire in all directions.  He quickly concluded to put on
        lash, and succeeded in clearing the track "by the skin of his teeth."

           One G. W. Whitten of Boston, who stole a quantity of clothing from a store
        in Clinton, and robbed a room mate of $15, was on Tuesday week arrested at
        Lewiston, and now has leisure to repent in Augusta jail.

           The Eastport  Sentinel says Lieutenant Childs, who has gone over the Southern
        Confederacy is a native of that town, a son of the late General Thomas Childs, for
       many years stationed at Fort Sullivan.

          Brother True of the Bethel Courier still continues to write upon his favorite
       topic, the Owl. In his last number he call the stupid creature a "cherub!" What

          While Mr. A. F. Owen of Presque Isle was turning some circular pieces at his
        lathe, one of them flew off and hit him in the face with such force as to break the
        bridge of his nose, and cut a large gash on his forehead, denuding the skull.
          A lad named Dennis R. Winslow was killed at Webb's Mills on Tuesday last,
        by accidentally falling under a moving sled load of wood. When found one of the
        runners of the sled was across his neck.
          Mr. Daniel Wright of  Lewiston, in the early part of the winter cut his foot on the
        instep so seriously that the foot hung down helpless. He is now getting over the
          Mr. Thomas J. Brown, of Yarmouth, was fatally injured by falling into the hold
        of a vessel at that place on Wednesday week.  He struck on his head, was taken up
        insensible and died a few days later.

          During the quarter ending March 31st, 1861, the number of criminal prosecutions
      before the Municipal Court was 92.  Of this number thirty were for intoxication,
     four for being a common drunkard, and two for liquor selling.     






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