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               Parsonsfield, May 1st,  the wife of A. P. Moulton, a daughter, Genie May.
               Lancaster, New Hampshire, May 7th, to the wife of William Cushing, a
              Skowhegan May 20th, to the wife of G. C. Dooley, a son
              Skowhegan May 21st, to the wife of  John F. Judkins, a son.
              Cornville May 17th, to the wife of W. K. Evans, a son.
              Norridgewock May 17th, to the wife of Henry Murphy, a son.
              East Livermore May 29th, to the wife of F. J. Folsom, a son Freddie


              In this city May 25th, Ephraim T. Townsend and Lucretia J. Sinclair,
          both of Portland.
              In this city May 26th, by Daniel W. Shaw, Esq., James M. Brown and
          Matilda Thompson, both of Portland.
              In this city May  23rd, Judge G. F. Shepley and Helen Merrill, both of
              In this city May 21st, George E. P. Tukey of Portland and Alice Bella,
          Thurston of Belfast.
              In this city May 22nd, Alvin A. Dennett and Flora J. Gilman, both of
              Waterville May 15th, by Rev. A. W. Pottle, N. W. Tayor of Sidney,
          Maine and Louise N. Lane of Georgetown.
              Saco by Rev. N. T. Ridlon, Oliver W. Austin of Charlestown, Mass.,
          and Ella A Knight of Salmon Falls, New Hampshire.
              Machiasport May 17th, John F, Sprague and Leaphy A. Larrabbe,
          both of Machiasport,
              Lewiston May 17th, George F. Lunt and Nellie Staples, both of Auburn.
              Florence, Italy April 16th, Henrietta W. Dyer of Portland and Preston
          Powers of Florence.
              Cape Elizabeth My 22nd, William L. Libby and Maria Parsons, both of
          Cape Elizabeth.
              Boston May 15, J. Clark Flagg and Elia Gary, both of Portland.
              Bath May 16th, Charles H. Grant and Eliza J. Bryant.
              Lewiston May 18th, George Greenbank of Lowell and Nellie J Plummer,
          of Lisbon.
              Bridgton May 12th, Danile Harmon and Sarah H. Trumbull.
              Hodgdon May 18th, Daniel Jones and Diantha T. Geraw, both of
              Lewiston May 19th, Joseph Bryant and Isabella Steel.
              Auburn May 19th, Watson H, Keith of Auburn, and Viola M.
          Larrabee of Lewiston.
              North Conway, New Hampshire May 19th, Adelbert Foster of Bridgton
          and Hannah Brown of Naples.
              Lewiston, May 22nd, Almon Young of Auburn and Isabelle Jones of
             Freedom May 18th, James M. Andrews of Albion and Amanda F. Twitchell
          of Freedom.

              In this city May 25th, Nettie S. Lovejoy, aged 21.
              In this city May 28th, Mrs. Julia M., wife of G. B. Nash, aged 29.
              Steep Falls May 26th, Albert, son of Irs D. Wood, aged 21 years,
           9 months.
              East Machias May 12th, Mrs. Eliza F., wife of J. Harris Talbot, aged 53.
              Saccarappa May 22nd, George Riggs, aged 72 years, 9 months.
              Scarboro May 17th, Lucy H., daughter of Dominicus and Harriet Libby,
          aged 13 years, 9 months.
              New Gloucester May 20th, Joseph Marr of Webster, aged 83.
              Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth, Mrs. Mary Jackson, aged 32.
              North Yarmouth Mary 19th, Sumner P. True, aged 21.
              Bethel May 15th, James Knight, aged 61.
              Raymond May 7, Ai (?) Plummer, aged 72.
              Warren May 6th, Mrs. Amelia A., Wallace, aged 26.
              Augusta May 21st, Mrs. Susan Fitz Morris, aged 69.
              Brunswick May 16th, David S. Dunlap, aged 81.
              Topsham May 16th, Mrs. Betsey Barron, aged 74.
              Sedgwick May 3rd, Deacon Jesse Billings, aged 94.
              Lewiston May 16th, Mrs. Abigail Sprague, aged 65.
              Deer Isle, May 3rd, Abijah Haskell, aged 91.
              Buckfield, May 4th, Mrs. Adline Atwood.
              Warren, May 19th, Percy Lermond, aged 73.
              Bangor May 21st, Mrs. Sarah H. Perry, aged 86.
              Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 14th Tillie Y. Cluff, aged 24.
              Temple May 15th, Mrs. Maria L. Bursdell, aged 38.
              Farmington May 13th, Mrs. M. L. Manter,  aged 47.
              Bangor May 13th, Mrs. William Fletcher, aged 50.
              Waldoboro May 16th, Mrs. Bertha Reed, aged 50.
              Addison May 15th, Captain Robert Look, aged  65.
              North Auburn May 19th, Luther H. Bolster, aged 43.
              West Waterville, Mrs. Adra Hall, aged 62.
              York, May 12th, Dr. Caleb Eastman, aged 89.
               Bath May 20th, Mrs. Olive M. Hamblen, aged 34.
               Brownfield May 19th, James Weeks, aged 83.
               Gorham May 19th, Mrs. Eleanor Waterhouse, 52.
               Limington May 17th, Isaac l. Mitchell, aged 65.
               Camden May 21st, Joseph Sherman, aged 89.
               North Haven May 19th, Mrs. Lucy V. Beverage, aged 56.
               Rockland May 20th, Thomas Verrill, aged 67.
               Rockland May 22nd, Mrs. Rebecca G. Sylvester, aged 49.
               Camden May 8th, Deacon Joseph Stetson, aged 80.

               Branford, Vt., April 29th, Fannie Emillie, daugher of W. H. and B. C.
          Haskins, aged 13 years, 4 months, 6. days.
               The subject of this notice was grand-daughter of Thomas Chase, Esq.,
          formerly of Farmington, Me., and was also great grand-daughter of Widow
          Sarah Barton, who died in Norway, Me., February 1869.  Fanni was was a
          favorite in her large circle of acquaintances in Grammar school, Sabbath school
          and in her neighborhood. She gave promise of usefulness in the literary world-
          having several months contributed "local items," to a neighboring  county paper
          which were duly appreciated and often copied into exchanges.  By the kindness
          of friends she always had the Portland Transcript at hand. She considered it
          necessary to her enjoyment, of saying "I could part with any other paper better."
          During the past winter she boarded with her oldest brother in Littleton, N. H., and
          attended an excellent school, bringing home a good report and many pleasant
          memories. This brother and family could be with her in her last days of illness.
          It was a sad sight to see her embrace her little niece and nephew and sister,
          calling them little dears, when we knew she could never more  enjoy their
          childish sports.  Her second brother residing in Newark, New Jersey was
          permitted the painful pleasure only of attending her funeral; but it was
          consolation to the "loved onee at home."  Two other brothers were necessarily
          absent, the third brother in San Francisco, Cal.  Her death caused a shadow to fall
          over her pleasant native village.  Her funeral  services  day,  were attended
          May 1st, at the  Methodist Church, Rev. Mr. Sherman of Piermont, N. H., happily
          officiating while many youthful friends who were wont to meet with her on former
          joyful occasions of this festive day, now mingled their tears and those of the
          bereaved and mourning relatives.
                San Jose, California, May 4th, of hemorrhage of the lungs, James A.
           Harmon, a native of Buxton, Maine, aged 27 years, 6 months.  Deceased
          had been a resident of San Francisco for fourteen years; he was an only son,
          loved and respected by all who knew him and leaves a wife and two children
          in San Francisco, and father, mother and sisters in Maine who mourn the loss.





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