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            In this city by Rev. Mr. Vail, Mr. Charles C. Colley to Miss Eunice C.
            In this city by Rev. Mr. Chickering, Mr. Robert Smith to Miss Mary
            In Gorham by Rev. Mr. Crockett, Captain William B. Freeman to Miss
          Mary Johnson. By the same, Mr. Andrew Sawyer of Bangor to Miss
          Harriet Lombard.
            In Brunswick, Mr. Isaac Groves to Miss Hannah Wilson.
            In Camden, Mr. James Gregory to Miss Mary Jane White.
            In Bangor, Mr. Oliver Robinson of Lincoln, to Miss Ann L. Cummings
         of Bangor.
            In Nantucket, Massachusetts, Mr. George W. Marston, Cutler, Maine to
          Miss Mary R. Marston, of Nantucket.
            In Saco, Mr. Cotton B. Huff to Miss Margery Berry.
            In Bangor Mr. Samuel White of Orono, Me., to Miss Mary A.
            In Monmouth, Colonel James R. Bachelder of Readfield, to Mrs.
           Ann White.
            In Freeport, Mr. Simon B. Prescott of Winthrop, to Miss Sarah Edes, of
          this city.
            In Waldoboro', Mr. Henry Young, of St. George to Miss Betsey A.
          Sweetland.  Mr. Solomon Stahl to Miss Rebecca Kaler.
            In Cushing, Mr. James Grafton to Miss Margaret Davis. Mr. Jesse
          Robinson to Miss Eliza Robinson.
            In Deer Isle, Mr. Henry A. Noyes to Miss Lydia Smith.
            In Belfast, Captain Elias Libby to Miss Nancy Paterson.  Mr. William
          A. Swift to Miss Rebecca T. Rose.  Mr. Samuel N. Libbey to Miss
          Mary E. Greely.
             In Lewiston, Mr. Elijah D. Robinson of Winslow to Miss Belinda
          N. Rowe, of Lewiston.
            In  Vienna, Maine, Mr. Asa Wood to Miss Betsey Graves.
            In Mt. Vernon, Mr. Joshua Wells, Jr., to Miss Mary S. Gilman.
            In Winthrop, Mr. Luther Cobb to Miss Rachel Howard.
            In Livermore, Mr. Moses Hillman to Miss Hannah Safford.
            In Brunswick, General T. Dunlap to Miss Harriet Titcomb.
            In Oxford by Rev. Daniel Libbey, Captain Samuel Robinson to
          Mrs. Elizabeth William, late of Worcester, Massachusetts.
            In Phipsburg, Mr. David Doughty of Cumberland, to Miss Almira
            In Brunswick, Mr. Hiram Whitehouse of Unity, to Miss Martha Dunlap.
            In Eastport, Mr. Joseph Smart to Miss Sarah Jane Heney. Mr. James
          B. Tukesbury to Miss Margaret C. McKenny.
            In Lubec, Mr. Samuel L. Hovey to Miss Olivia S. , daughter of the late
          Captain Samuel Muir, of Portsmouth, N. H.   Marriage published December
          23, 1836 in Vital Records of Lubec, Maine, by Patricia McCurdy Townsend.
            In Mercer, Mr. George C. Hyde to Miss Henrietta Mary Thatcher.


             In this city December 31, 1835, Miss Francis Eustis of Eastport, aged 21.
             In this city Nathaniel F., son of Hero Joss (Jess?), aged 8 years, 8 months.
             In this city 1st inst., John Jay, only son of John Sanborn, aged 2 years.
             In Bangor, December 30, 1835 of lung fever, Mrs. Hannah, wife of  Captain
           John Pearson, aged 67.
             In Scarboro' on Wednesday last, December 6th, Mr. Arthur Fogg, aged 23.
           On Saturday last, December 9th, Miss Almira Fogg, aged 20 years, 4
            months, children of the late Joseph Fogg, Esq.
             In Augusta, Mrs. Susan consort of Mr. Richard F. Perkins, and only
           daughter of the late General Cony, aged 23.  Mr. John Soule, aged 79.
             In Bangor Mrs. Ellen wife of John Hart, aged 26.
             In Hallowell, Mr. James Sawyer, aged 26.
             In Paris, Maine on the 4th inst., Mrs. Nancy G. Ward wife of Mr. Asa
           Ward, and daughter of Thomas Clark, Esq., aged 25 years.
             In this city on Saturday  9th, a child of Mr. Ephraim Johnson, Jr.,
           aged 4 years.
            In this city on Wednesday 6th in the morning,  Mary Elizabeth, daughter of
           Jedediah Jewett, aged 19 months.
             In this city Saturday 3rd inst., Miss Eliza Ann Malloy, formerly of
           Limington, aged 17 years.
             In Monmouth, Miss Nancy daughter of Captain Thomas Kimball, aged 24.
             In Mt. Vernon, Mrs. Solome Browe (Browne?)
             At Batavia (Jakarta?) September 25th, 1835 on board ship Laconia, Mr.
           Thomas Ward, seaman of Eastport, aged 35.
             In United States Marine Hospital, Chelsea, Massachusetts, November
           24, 1835, Mr. Enoch Merrill of Cumberland, Maine, aged 40.
             In Kennebunk, Mrs. Eunice Kimball, aged 54.
             In Phipsburg, Mr. John Foote.
             In Harpswell, Mrs. Eliza Scolfield (Schofield?)
             In Boston, Massachusetts, Mrs. Mary, wife off William Cummingham,
          formerly of Wicasset, aged 58.


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