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               In Bristol May 27th, Rev.  P. Rowell, George W. Thurston and Mrs. Mary
           E. Sprowl, both of Bristol.
              In Saccarappa May 27th by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Charles M. Stuart, of
          Windham and Miss Rebecca J. Ingersoll of Falmouth.
              In Bowdoinham May 23rd, by Rev. E. Purinton, Hiram Frost and Miss
          Esther V. Adams, both of Bowdoinham.
              In Bethel May 23rd by Rev. David Garland, C. E. Chapman, of Portland,
         and Miss Fannie E., daughter of T. H. Chapman Esq., of Bethel.
             In East Pittston May 13th at the residence of the bride's father by Rev.
          J. I. Brown, James E. Matthews of Boothbay and Miss Nellie T. Brown
          of East Pittston.
             In Westboro', Mass., by Rev. Dr. Flanders, Mr. Charles I. W. Robinson,
          of Island Falls, Me., and Miss S. A.  Sibley of Westboro'.
             In this city May 26th, Fred J. J. Smith of Portland, and Miss Lydia M.
         Johnson of Falmouth.
             In this city May 28th, . by Rev. D. B.  Byther,  J. Perley Barker of
        Portland, and Miss Mary F. Stuart of Sweden.

             In Salem, Me., May 9th, Mary Wood wife of Henry Davidson, age 28
         years, 9 months.
             In Flushing, New York May 10th, Henry W. Scott, 1st Assistant Engineer,
         U. S. Navy aged 30 years, son of captain Andrew Scott, formerly of this city.
            In this city May26th Florence True, aged 8.
            In this city May 25th, Nettie C. Hill, aged 8 years.
            In this city May 28th, Mrs. Sarah Tobey, aged 85.
            In this city May 23rd, Mrs. Abby Kennard, aged 68.
            In this city, May 29th, James O. Harmon, aged 40.

           In Windham, May 19th, Mr. Ephraim Legrow, aged 67 years, 6 months.
         In the death of Mr. Legrow a worthy citizen, a faithful husband, an indulgent
         father and a kind neighbor has passed away. In all these relations in life he
         stood preeminent.  In 1854 he represented Windham in the Legislature and for
          several successive years he was a selectman of the town. In him the unfortunate
          found as friend most sympathizing and helpful. Towards others his conduct was
          what he would have others be to. He believed in God our kind and heavenly
          Father and in his Son Jesus Christ as our merciful and divine Savior.  The wife
          of his youth, now well  stricken in years, with whom he has walked more than forty
          years in the greatest cheerfulness and affection, together with a family of eight
          children and a large circle of friends mourn his loss. All these hold his memory in
          grateful affection, and upon them may the mantle of his integrity and benevolence
          of his disposition abide continually.


             Mr. Stephen Mills, a farmer in easy circumstances, residing in Glenburn
         about six miles from Bangor, committed suicide on Saturday by hanging
         himself in the carriage house.  Temporary insanity was the cause.

            Miss Gillard  on Thursday week, lost a finger in the machinery of one of
         Lewiston Mills.

           The Farmington Chronicle say that "B. M. Eastman of the firm of Eastman
        Brothers, of Portland this place Thursday, on the first through train from
        Sacramento, California to Farmington, Me., making the trip in nine days."

          Daniel  McCully a Scotsman 24 years old, was drowned at Upper
       Stillwater on Thursday week, while at work on the logs in the mill pond.

          Miss D. L. Cook, 18  years old, and of remarkable personal beauty formerly
       of Maine, came to her death recently in San Francisco from taking a large dose
       of arsenic to improve her complexion. 

         Asa Farnsworth, now about 86 years of age and in feeble health for some time
       past, morning of May 16th, fell from the bed in his room and broke his leg. He had
       one foot amputated about two years ago.  It was his well leg that broke, says the
       Machias Union.

         The store of John Eveleth in Greenville was destroyed by fire on the 21st inst., most
     of the goods saved. No Insurance. 

        The counting  house of Charles and Elias Milliken, lumber manufactures was broken
     into the night of the 26th inst., the safe opened and $30,000 worth of stock, consisting
    of Bank and Ticonic Water Power shares were  carried off.  The robbers went deliberately
    to work, and were evidently familiar with the premises. 

       The Biddeford Journal says that in the orchard owned by Mr. Jefferson Raitt of  Elliot
     stand some very ancient pear trees.  His grandfather, who was born in 1730, picked up and
     ate a pear from one of the trees when he was six years of age.  One of the trees is two feet
     in diameter.  

      From the Press we learn our friend Luther Billings, Esq.,  of Bridgton, one of the oldest
    merchants in the town, as well as one of the best known and most public spirited  citizens,
    is selling his stock of goods, and will devote his energies to the tannery business in which he
    has recently become largely interested.





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