Wednesday, May 29, 2013



              In Bowdoin 26th inst., by James Porter III, Esq., Mr. David Wait, formerly
          of Boston, Massachusetts to Mrs.  Martha Carr of Bowdoinham.
              In Limerick, Abner Burbank, Esq., to Miss Eliza A. Harmon.
              In Paris, Maine, Mr. Soloman Chase to Miss Nancy H. Stephens. This
          Soloman Chase is not the politician from Maine.
              In Livermore, M. Daniel F.  Putnam of Rumford, to Miss Lucinda Walker
          of Livermore.
              In Bath Mr. Samuel McCucnon of Waltham, Mass., to Miss Hannah
          Springer of Bath.
              In Jefferson, Lincoln County, Christopher Erskins,  Esq., to Miss Lucy
          Andrews, formerly of Brunswick. 
              In Waterville Mr. Augustine Perkins to Miss Ruth W.  Springer.
              In Ellsworth, Mr. A. B. McFarland of Blue Hill to Miss Rebecca Carter
          of Ellsworth.  Mr. Ephriam Wentworth of Hancock, to Miss Eliza Moore.
              In Blue Hill Mr. William P. Abbot to Miss Julia P. Dodge. G. A. Witham,
          Esq., to Mrs. Sarah Barry of Machiasport. Mr. Andrew Warren to Miss
          Susan Billings.
              In this city Mr. Matthew L. Pennell to Miss Louisa to Miss Louisa H.
              In Boston, Mr. Joseph Stevens formerly of Wiscasset, to Mrs. Sarah L.
         Woodland, of Boston.


               In this city at the hospital on Sunday evening, of small pox, Seward
          Sawyer of Westbrook, 18.
              In Freeport Mrs. Marriet Thomas, 31.
              In Saco Mr. Luther J. Milliken, 35. Mr. William Grace, 71.
              At St. Albans, suddenly, Mr. Phineas Parker, formerly of Bloomfield, 64.
          Bloomfield was annexed from Skowhegan in 1861.
              In Norridgewock, Mr. Eliphalet Robbins, 80.
              In August Levi Rogers, Esq., 48.
              In Vassalboro, Miss Mary Roberts.
              In this city Mrs. Mary S., wife of Benjamin Andrews, 34.
              In Cape Elizabeth, Mr. Charles Dyer, 56.
              In Machias, Mr. Joseph Getchell, 80.
              In Jonesboro', Mrs. Tinney, 102.
              In Cornish on  Tuesday last, Mr. Royal Lincoln, aged 83. A
          Revolutionary Pensioner.
              In Hallowell Captain Daniel Smith, 60.  Mrs. Mary Getchell, 31.
          Mrs. Harriet E. Lewis, 21.  Mr. James Arskin, (Erskin?) age 50.
             In Lincolnville, Mr. John French, 45.
             In Bangor, Mr. James Swett, aged 50. Mrs. Nancy Thompson, 38.
             In Durham, Androscoggin County 5th ult.,   Mrs. Nancy, wife of Captain
          Paul Duglas, only daughter of Captain Ebenezer Warren, aged 39.Durham is
          part of both Lewiston and Auburn.
             In Buckfield 24th inst., Mr. Robert Martin, 98.

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