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          In this city, February 2nd by Rev. A. Dalton, Mr. Oliver John Steinburn and
     Miss Mary Nestor, both of this city.
          In this city, February 2nd, by Rev. Benson M. Frink, Mr. L Eugene Weymouth,
     of this city, and Miss Hattie A. Smith of  Windham.
          In this city, February 3rd, at the residence of the bride's brother, by A. H. Edmunds,
     Clarence R. Metcalf, of Bridgewater, Mass., and Eliza E. Norton, of this city.
         In this city, January 20th, J. H. Mitchell and Miss Olive Moody, both of Falmouth.
         In Cape Elizabeth, February 2nd, by Rev. B. F. Pritchard, Mr. Samuel W. Ramsdell
     to Miss Lavina Seavey, both Cape Elizabeth.
         In Pownal, February 5th, Rev. C. L. Nichols, Dr. Parchal M. Sawyer of Portland,
     and Miss Sarah A. Wilbur, of Freeport.
          In Sebago, February 2nd, by Edwin J. Poor, Esq., Mr. Thomas Nason to Miss
     Eliza J. Berry, both of Sebago.
          In Cape Porpoise, February 1st, by Rev. J. E. Budden, Mr. George H. Chick and
     Miss Georgia Smith, of Kennebunkport.  
          In Winthrop, January 15th, by Rev. E. P. Baker, Mr. G. W. Webb, of the firm of
     M. L. & G. W. Webb to Miss Lizzie M., daughter of M. R. Sears, Esq., all of Winthrop.
          In Norridgewock, January 21st., by Rev. E. Nugent, Mr. Amaziah Sawtelle, of
     of Clinton  and Mrs. L. J. Walker, of Norridgewock.
          In Auburn, January 21st, LaForest Savage and Josie S. Ingalls, both of Lewiston.  
          In Auburn, January 21st, Albion P. Allen, of Auburn, and Mrs. Caroline H. Briggs,
    of Turner.


          In this city, February 7th, L. Augusta King, wife of E. S. Wormell, aged 25
     years and 7 months.
          In this city, February 6th, of diphtheria, Mary Gertrude, daughter of Isreal and
     Martha Hague, aged 1 year, 4 months.
          In this city, February 5th, Mrs. Elizabeth W.  Howe, relict of Apollo Howe, aged
     81 years.
          In Auburn, New York, February 2nd, Miss Sarah J. daughter of Rev. J. B. Condit,
     D. D., formerly of this city.
          Lyman, February 5th, Freddie Warren, only child of George H. And Lucy M. Colby,
    of this city, aged 11 months.
          In  Freeport, January 28th, Miss Mahala D. Mann, aged 27 years and 4 months.
          In Norway, Maine, January 22nd, Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of W. W. Howe, aged 39.
          In Naples, Maine, January 18th, Mrs. Lydia Grant, widow of James Grant, late of
      Westbrook, aged 80 years and 6 months.
          In Gray, February 3rd, Samuel Simpson, Esq., aged 62 and 6 months.
          In Baldwin, February 3rd, Captain Sylvanus Bacheldor, aged 90 years
         and 3 months. (New York papers please copy.)                                      
          In Rockland, January 25th, Mrs. Charlotte, wife of Abner Ames, age 66 years.
          In Rockland, February 4th, Israel Rivers, aged 27 years.
          In Bartlett, New Hampshire, January 13th, Lydia Wentworth, aged 55 years
      and 10 months.
          In Skowhegan, January 30th, Mr. Samuel Philbrick, aged 88 years.
          In Skowhegan, Andrew Bernard, aged 24 years.
          In Georgetown, Sagadahoc County, February 2nd, Rev. David Webber, aged 79.
          In Pownal, February 1st, Mrs. Deborah Knight, aged 68 years She has left a
     companion and three  children to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate wife
     and mother.  She has passed through some severe trials in life, but bore them with
     the patience of a true Christian.  She was esteemed by all that knew her and noted
     for her kindness and skillfulness among the sick, ever ready to render her services
     to the sick and afflicted. Within this year past she was stricken down with that fatal
     disease, cancer internal. She suffered great pain and distress of body, but peace was
     in her soul. When in extreme distress she often would say, "My savior suffered
     more than this."  She bore the pain and distress as usual through life, with the
     patience of a true Christian until her master called her home to that better world
     where sickness, pain and sorrow are known no more.
          In Norridgewock, August 20th, 1867, Eddy F. Jenkins, aged 3 years 6 months:
     on September 28th, Willie H. Jenkins, aged 6 years, 28 days; children of William
     L. and A. S. Jenkins.  Rarely has it been the lot of parents to part with two more
     loving and interesting children. But God takes the fairest gems of earth to adorn
                                      As vernal flowers that scent the morn,
                                         But wither in the rising day,
                                      Thus lovely was their infant dawn,
                                          Thus swiftly flew their life away.
                                      They died to sin-they died to care,
                                         But for a moment felt the rod,
                                      Then rising on the viewless air,
                                          Spread their wings and soared to God.



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