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THE PORTLAND ADVERTISER and Gazette of Maine, March 28, 1837


          In this city last evening, by Rev. J. S. Maginnis, Mr. Charles E. Beckett to
     Pamelia Plummer.
          In Westbrook, Mr. Benjamin French to Miss Loisa  (Louisa?) Small.  Mr.
     Charles Evens to Miss Caroline F. Prockter.(sic)
          In South Boston, Mass., Mr. Thomas Hammond, Jr., to Miss Sophia Theresa
          In Livermore, Mr. Nathan Sawtelle of Turner, to Miss Maria Hinds, of
          In Waterborough, Mr. Charles Brooks of Berwick, Great Falls, to Miss Lucinda
         In Turner, Mr. Charles Torrey to Miss Ruth Turner. Mr. Caleb Hardy, of
     Fryeburg, to Miss Laura Ann Sawtelle, of Turner. Mr. H. Row of Sumner, to Miss
     Betsey Coburn, of Turner.
          In Natchez, Mississippi, Mr. William Pearce to Miss E. Gillett, of Hallowell,
     Me., daughter of Rev. E. Gillette, D. D.
          In Frankfort, Waldo County, Captain W. S. Smith to Miss Elizabeth R. Mayo,
     of Boston. Mr. M. M. Rich, of Bucksport, to Miss Sarah Dorr, of Frankfort.
          In Parkman, Piscatquis County, Mr. Benjamin Larabee to Miss Bashaba 


          In this city, Mrs. Ann Barrett, 62.
          In this city, a child of Mr. Edward Foss, aged 22 months.
          In Bath, Mr. Edward Wood, Jr., 22.
          In South Berwick, Mrs. Sarah Hodson, (Hedson?) 93.
          In Turner, Eliza Bryant , aged 4 years.
          In Durham, Androscoggin County, Mrs. Nancy Douglass, 38.
          In Lisbon, Me., Mrs. Mary Anderson.
          In Chester, New Hampshire, 21st, Mrs. Isabella Aiken, aged about 79 years.
          In Augusta, Miss Prudence C., daughter of  George Fish, 17.
          In Scarboro', March 9th, William C. Lord, son of Robert Lord, aged 4 years
     and two months.
          In this city, Mr. William P. Freeman, aged 24. Funeral on Sunday afternoon
     after service, from the residence of Mr. Belford.
          In this city 21st. inst., Mrs. Nancy Ross, aged 54. Funeral on Friday, at 3 o'clock,
     from the house of Samuel N. Beale, Cotton Street.
          In Norway, Maine, Miss Sally Crockett, 31.
          In this city 20th inst., Mr. Thomas Province, aged about  35.
          In this city on 20th inst., Mary Catherine, eldest daughter, of Mr. Alex J.
     Emery, aged 12 years.
          In this city 17th inst., Mary Ellen, youngest child of Mr. Henry Moore.
          In Scarborough, Mrs. Lucy Fenderson, 79.
          In Bangor, Susan Sophia, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles Glover.
          In Saco, Captain Jabez Woodman, 50. Mr. Edward Cotton, 63.
          In South Berwick, 27th ult., Mrs. Sarah F., wife of Rev. E. L. Boyd, aged
     57. In her patience, faith, and perfect resignation to the will of God was manifested
     the power of grace; enabling her to endure without a murmur a painful sickness of
     three weeks. Unshaken in her hope, she only desired a greater revelation of divine
     love in her soul.  For forty years she discharged the duties of a wife with an
     affectionate devotion that renders her loss irreparable. As a mother she is embalmed
     in the memory of her children by her tenderness, watchfulness, and prayers in their
     behalf-and as a Christian she was a "burning and shining light, " a "living epistle
     known and read of all"  through her life, which was a bright development of the
     Christian graces. The Bible was her chart, and daily companion. Her benevolence
     rendered her the friend of the distressed, and benefactor of the poor. But, the prominent
     feature of her character was self denial; her own happiness was of less importance than
     the welfare of others, emphatically, she "sought not her own advantage, but the  things
     of others." She lived a Christian, and in her death was verified the Savior's promise, " I
     never leave nor forsake thee." {Christian Watchman.}

          Suicide-Mrs. Ellen Jordan residing in  Brown Street in this city, committed suicide
     yesterday by drinking laudanum.  She was about 37 years of age, and has left a husband
     three children.-Argus

          Leander L. Quimby, the young man who committed suicide at Whiting on the 12th
     inst., we  learn was from the Eastport Sentinel, was a painter by trade, and belonged in
     Westbrook. It is also added that he was innocent of the offence for which  he had been
     imprisoned-that the watch found in his possession was put in the trunk by another young
     man, who held a grudge against him, in consequence of some love affair-purposely to
     injure the character  of the deceased. A small bundle of clothes and some letters may be
     had by his friend, as application to  Andrew Ring, Coroner at Lubec.

          We understand that a son of Dr. Briggs of this city, was severely bitten on the arm
     by a dog yesterday. The arm is very much swollen, and fears are entertained that the
     dog was  rabid. Some measures should be taken by the City Councils towards killing
     off members of the canine race which infest the city.-Argus

          ALL persons are cautioned against taking the following notes, viz; Three notes
     for the sum of Five thousand,  four hundred and fifty two dollars, each signed by
     Horatio Mason, David Daniels and Amos C. Leland-payable to James Crosby and
     Deodat Brastow; one of them payable in one year, another in two years, and
     another in three years; on one of which has been paid and endorsed, at different
     times, Twenty five hundred and fifty dollars-all dated on or about the first day of
     September A. D. 1835;- and two notes for the sum of Fourteen Hundred and six dollars
     each dated twenty-fourth August, 1835; signed by Horatio Mason, David Daniels and
     Amos C. Leland, payable to Nathaniel Fifield,-one in a year and the other in two years,-
     the same having been obtained from blatantly and without consideration, and the
     consideration having failed.                                      
                                                                                                     Horatio Mason,
                                                                                                      David Daniels,
                                                                                                     Amos C. Leland
          Boston, Mass., March 24th, 1837

          Stray Cow. Came into the enclosure of the subscriber on Saturday night last,
     a red COW with a white face, about five years old.
                                                                                               SETH CLARK
          March 27.






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