Wednesday, October 2, 2013


          Parkman, Piscataquis County, November 8th, to the wife of Nathaniel Harrington,
     a heir.
          Keene, New Hampshire, November 2nd, to the wife of G. H, Kinsman, a son.
     (Louis Herbert)
          Skowhegan, November 10th, to the wife of John A. Davis, a son.
          Fairfield, November 8th, to the wife of Weston Thompson, a daughter.
          Denmark, Maine, October 25th, to the wife of Henry Fessenden, a daughter.


          In this city, November 11th, Joseph B. Lang and Augusta H. Carle.
          In this city, November 12th, Charles Keith and Sada Pingree.
          In this city, November 10th, Charles M. Cushman and Julia A. Bibber.
          Standish, November 12th, George Rines, of Portland, and Nellie Moore, of
          Waterford, November 10th, by Rev. O A. Rounds, Charles E. Briggs, Esq.,
     of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and Mary E., daughter of John Gerry, Esq, of
           Brunswick, October 28th, by Rev. George C. Crawford,  Pyam Prince of
     Brunswick, and Rebecca E. Staples of Bath.
          Freedom, New Hampshire, September 1st., by Rev. J. P. Stinchfield, W. H.
     Sanborn, and Ella Parker, both of Baldwin.
          Searsmont, November 1st., by Rev. W. H. Crawford, Charles F. Connor, of
     Montville, and Margaret A. Brooks, of Searsmont.
         Millbridge, November 10th, by Rev. George N. Eldridge, of Harrington, Rev.
     Merritt O. Beale, of Orland and Almeida L. Ray of Millbridge.
         Hallowell, November 11th, Charles T. Fuller and Laura E. Laird.
         West Camden, November 8th, Ellis L. Skinner and Addie A. Skinner.
         Warren, November 7th, Alfred K. McFarland and Hattie J. Williams.
         Biddeford, November 5th, Richard O. Osgood and Mrs. Sarah Smith of
         Searsport, November 26th, Captain J. H Park, and Eva M Clifford,  both
     of Searsport.
         Bridgton, November 7th, Peter L. Stuart, of Bridgton and Lizzie Lord of Casco.
         China, Maine, Edwin York and Mary L. Fuller, both of Albion.
         Lewiston, November 12th, Joseph A. Handy of Boston, and Almira H.
     Nevins, of Lewiston.
         Auburn, November 18th, Insley Bumpus and Sarah E. Ayer, both of Auburn.
         Waldoboro, November 4th, Samuel Wilsow and Susie F. T. Steward.

          In this city, November 16th, David Bailey, aged 51
          In this city, November 17th, Simeon Higgins, aged 61
          In this city, November 10th, Mrs. Mary Gilmartin, aged 45.
          Hartwellville, Vermont, September 13, Mrs. Hattie A., wife of O. L. Hunter,
     aged 28.
          In this city, November 17th, of Bright's Disease of the kidneys, James H.
     Shackford, aged 45. Funeral Thursday afternoon at 1 1/2 o'clock. Burial at
     convenience of the family.
         Brunswick, November 5th, Annie E. Bannon, aged 15 years, 6 months.
         Scarboro, November 13th, suddenly, Richard Smith Waterhouse, aged 51.
         Brunswick, November 7th, Captain Abishal Soule, formerly of Augusta,
     aged 82.
          Hallowell, November 7th, Oliver Tapley, aged 85.
          Hallowell, November 11th, Mrs. Rachel, widow of Captain Samuel Swanton,
     aged 74.
         Jefferson, November 4th, Mrs. Olive E., widow of Thomas Marden, aged 47.
         Belfast, Me., November 2nd, William H. Anderson, aged 18 years, 8 months
         Bridgton, November 3rd, Joseph Libby, aged 41.
         Hallowell, November 1st., Fanny Hodges, aged 88.
         North Anson,  October 30th, Thomas Winslow, formerly of Hallowell, aged 80.
         Georgetown, November 5th, Mrs. Margaret S. Tarr, formerly of Hallowell,
     aged 80 years, 6 months.
         Biddeford, November 6th, Mrs. Eunice, wife of Joseph York, aged 77.
         Cumberland Mills, November 9th, Stephen A. Patrick, aged 70 years,
     9 months.
         Gardiner, November 3rd, Mrs. Hannah A., wife of Samuel Potter, aged 45.
         Saco, November 9th, Mrs. Sally, widow of Captain David Newbegin, of
     Portland, aged 79.
         Saco, November 9th, Mrs. Lucinda T., wife of Captain Benjamin Patterson,
     aged 71.
         Bath, November 11th, Thomas Emerson, aged 49.
         Tennants's Harbor, November 8th, Mrs. Hannah Robinson aged 62.
          Gray, October 231st., John Small, aged 80 years, 11 months.
           Happy and blest are they who have endured for, tho
     the body dies the soul shall live forever.


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