Wednesday, October 16, 2013


                                                             CITY MATTERS

          On Wednesday evening of last week the large frame building, corner of Federal
     and Market Streets owned by Messrs. Twombly & Benson, and occupied as a
     furniture store by J. W. Merrill & Co., was totally destroyed by fire together with its
     contents; active exertions of the firemen prevented  the spread of the flames, though the
     adjoining building was badly scorched; building insured for $1400; Merrill & Co., had
     but slight insurance.
          Another fine dwelling house is to be erected at the West End, Mr. G. M. Harding
     have drawn the plan for a four story house with French roof and tower to be erected
     on Spring Street, above Clark, next summer by C. C. Chapman, Esq.; that part of the
     city is fast being covered with elegant mansions in the midst of cultivated grounds.
          Reverend W. R. Alger while here last week, kindly offered to present the Portland
     Institute with some valuable books.
         Reverend William H. Fenn of this city, will deliver the next lecture of the Mercantile
     Library course on Thursday evening of this week.
          Political affairs are warming up, preparatory to the municipal election which will be
     hotly contested; it is thought the Republicans will nominate Honorable John McLellan
     for mayor;  the Democrats will bring out their strongest men.
          The name of John J. Maybury has been stricken from the roll of attorneys in this
     county, he having been indicted for receiving stolen goods, and fled the state.
          In the Supreme Judicial Court last week, Mr. J. M. F. Libby got a verdict of  $70.40
     against Mr. F. C. Deering for sheep killed by the latter's dog; this sum will
     be doubted by the Court in accordance with the statute which allows double the
     value of sheep killed by dogs.
          Mrs. Noble, an elderly lady, residing on Green Street fell on the ice one evening
     last week and fractured her hip.
          White the burglar was taken to the State Prison at Thomaston last week, where
     he is to "remain for life."
            Rev. A. K. P. Small, Bangor, has accepted the call to the pastorate of the Free
     Street Baptist Church, in this city, and is expected to enter upon its duties about the
     second week in March; the salary given is $2,000 a year and house rent.
           Walter Brown has brought home from Troy, N. Y., a single scull boat made of
     paper; it is 31 1/2 feet long, 12 inches wide, and weights but 22 pounds; the lightest
     wood boat ever build of similar dimensions weighted 21 pounds. but yet the paper
     boat is said to be more than four times stronger than one of wood; the Argus says that
     that in event of a race it may be filled with gas so as to weigh but eight pounds!
           A valuable horse belonging to Mr. Philip H. Brown backed off Merchant's wharf,
     on Monday and was drowned.
           Mrs. Tuckerman is to remain in her usual position at Preble Chapel, at a liberal


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