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          In this city, April 18th, by Rev. C. F. Allen, Mr. George Irvin to Miss Nellie G.
     Thaxter, both of Portland.
          In this city, April 17th, by Dr. H. A. Lamb, Mr. Mahlon S. Hodson and Miss Flora E.
     Lewis, both of Portland.
          In Norway, Me., 18th, by Rev. M. B. Cummings, John M. Adams, Esq., of Portland,
     editor of the Argus, and  Miss Adela S. Hobbs, Norway, Me.
          In Lewiston, April 11th, Mr. Isaiah W. Vickery, of Auburn, and Miss Elvira A.
     Daley, of Auburn.
          In Biddeford, April 6th, Mr. Martin N. Robinson and Miss Ellen A. Tapley.
          In Biddeford, April 6th, Mr. Nahum S. Drown and Miss Ann M. Coffin.
          In Harpswell, April 20th, Mr. John M. Johnson and Miss Almira S. Johnson.
          In Augusta, April 11th, Mr. W. U. Norcross, of Alton, Penobscot  County, and
     Miss Susan C. Smith, Augusta.
         In Friendship, March 31st., Mr. William J. Cook, and Mrs. Mary J. Winchenpaw.
         In Rockland, April 15th, Dr. Joshua W. Trussell and Miss Fannie Clark.
         In Union,  April 15th, Mr. J. Adelbert Townsend and Miss Martha Carroll.
         In Union, April 6th, Mr. Henry A. Hawes and Miss Retta (?) A. Dunton.
         In Union, March 30th, Mr. Charles F. Wellman and Mrs. Polly Coburn, of Lincoln.
         In Lincoln, April 9th, Tibeon Field, of Paris, and Mrs. Polley Coburn, of Lincoln.
         In Wesley, March 31st, Mr. Jonathan S. Munson and Mrs. Adelaide Carlow.
         In West Bath, April 14th, Mr. Kingsbury Bubier, and Mrs. Mary E. Brown.
         In Bath, April 18th, Mr. Edward M. Warren and Miss Katie P. Walker.
         In Benton, at Brown's Four Corner, Kennebec County April 17th, Mr. John B.
      Colcord, and Miss Anna O. Thaxter.
         In Liberty, Waldo County, March 30th, Mr. James L. Knowlton and Miss
      Sarah A. Chapman.


          In this city, April 21st, Mrs. Susan, widow of the late Olive Blake, aged 66 years.
          In this city, April 18th, Mrs. Sarah Dickinson Cobb, widow of the late Elias Cobb,
     Esq., of Somerset County, aged 68 years.
          In North Yarmouth, March 14th, Nehemiah A., on son of Henry M. and Amanda
     Hamilton, aged 1 year, 3 months.
          In Gorham, April 19th, Mr. Stephen Hinkley, aged 68.
          In Gorham, April 7th, Thomas Robinson, formerly of Baldwin, aged 78 years,
     and 7 months.
          In South Boston, April 18th, Katie Parker, only daughter of William P. and
     Fannie McCobb, aged 6 years, 5 months.
          In Freeport, April 11th, Mrs. Deborah Dunning, aged 48 (?) years, and 6
          In Rockland, April 4th, Mr. Henry Brown, aged 47 years and 6 months.
          In Baldwin, April 6th, of lung and heat disease, Eliza R., wife of John Goodwin,
     Esq., aged 58 year, 8 months, and 25 days. She was a daughter of Elisha and
     Dorothy Richardson, for many years resident of Limington, Me., and sister of
     George F. Richardson, several years in Brunswick, Me.
          In Bath, April 19th, Mr. Marcus F. Conant, aged 84.
          In Bath, April 16th, Mr. Gilbert Trufant, aged 85 years.
          In Bath, April 15th, Tyleston C. Clapp, 19 years, 8 months.
          In Belfast, April 9th, Mrs. Susannah, widow of Robert White, aged 86 years.
          In Thomaston, March 27, Mr. Samuel L. Bryan, aged 64 years.
          In Kennebunk, March 30th, Martha H., wife of Edmund Brown, aged 79 years.
          In Eden, April 24, Captain Benjamin Thomas, aged 87.

          GREENLEAF SMITH-The subject of this notice, son of Theophilus and Sarah
     Smith, was born in Cornish, August 1799;always lived on the homestead; was
     married October 21, 1824; and died after an illness of three years, February 27,
     1867, aged 67 years, 6 months.
          He was a man of great industry, energy and perseverance; of unblemished
     character for morality, integrity and truthfulness' one of the kindest and most
     affectionate men in his family and neighborhood; very social, hospitable and
     fond of company; and best of all a good Christian, a worthy member of the
     Church of Christ.
         He had a great musical talent; was sent for from a distant community to drum
     at a military parade, when but a lad of nine years,-the messenger inquiring for
     "Mr. Smith the Drummer:" and for many years until his last sickness, with his
     rich, bass voice he led the choir in the Sanctuary, he led to the satisfaction of all.
         Leaving a widow and four sons, two sisters and many friends to mourn their
     loss, not his, he was gone, we believe to join forever in the harmonies of heaven.



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