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                                                        MATTERS IN MAINE

                                                  ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY

          Charles B. Pettengill of Minot, in finding that his invention of the American
     dish lifter is lifting himself into a fame that has begun to pay. He has invented
     the machinery needed in constructing his ingenious household implement, and
     the orders flow in rapidly.
          The Lewiston mills run on full time.
          Michael Wood, a Lewiston  alderman, is arrested for breaking into a shoe store
     one night last week.
                                                    AROOSTOOK COUNTY

          The bar of this county will petition the  Governor to appoint Honorable J. C.
     Madigan to the Supreme Bench, as the successor of Judge Cutting.
          D. W. Corliss, Smyrna, has caught two live caribou, 14 miles from Houlton.
     They are to be sent to the Philadelphia Zoological Garden. One of them has a fine
     pair of antlers.
          Mr. Gilman of the Pioneer, had his face scratched and his clothes torn the other
     day at Houlton by a young woman whom he had offended by a paragraph in his paper.

                                                 CUMBERLAND COUNTY

          Reverent Joseph Torrey is installed pastor of the First Parish Congregational
     Church at Yarmouth, which is one of the oldest societies in the county.
          Harpswell elected Moses Bailey, T. S. Scofield and C. E. Trufant, Selectmen,
     and voted  $1,400 for schools, $1,600 for highway, $1,400 for poor, and $2,000
     town debt.
          Harrison elected Selectmen, Joshua Howard, James W. Watson and Reuben Hobbs.
     The town debt is only $373.45. George  W. Newcomb offered to collect the taxes for
     nothing, and was accordingly chosen Collector. The appropriation for free high school
     was by  small majority. Bridgton has a  town debt of $5,000. Naples voted $300 for
     free high school;  town debt $1458.56.-The liabilities of Deering are $12,375 and its
     resources $15,697.  Its bonded debt is $42,650. The debt of Windham is $22,558, and
     and that of Falmouth $8,957.
          Reverend J. T. Rea has decided to withdraw his resignation of the pastorate of the
     Congregational Church at Bridgton.
          A shocking railway accident happened last Saturday afternoon on the Grand Trunk
     between Yarmouth and North Yarmouth. A special engine in charge of Mr. Noyes forgot
     to look out for regular trains. Mr. Noyes forgot the Lewiston passenger train, and met it
     on a straight stretch of road but in dense fog. Both engines revered and whistled down
     brakes, but it was too late to prevent a collision. Oliver P. Cummings, engineer of
     Lewiston had his leg crushed, and P. C. Evans, of Shelburne baggage master, had his
     arm broken, and received other serious injuries. A Boston & Maine fireman, named
     Whitehouse, was on the locomotive of the Lewiston train, and one of his legs was
      completely torn from his body. He was taken to his home in Auburn and died during
     during the evening. Mr. Noyes acknowledges that the blames rest entirely upon himself,
     and as may well be supposed is affected by the disaster.
                                                    FRANKLIN COUNTY

          Charles A. Mayo, of the firm of Mayo & Turner, of this city, was knocked down and
     robbed at Farmington on Thursday evening of last week. He was walking along Main
     Street when he was approached behind and struck over the head, probably with a sandbag.
     His assailant then jumped upon him, took $500 in money and decamped. Mr. Mayo is able
     to describe the robber, and can identify him when caught.  It is probable the robber is a
     person whom Mr. Mayo met in Boston, and afterwards at Lewiston and to whom in
      conversation he spoke of his business affairs. He saw this man just before the assault in
      the Farmington post office, but did not speak to him. He is quite seriously injured, the
     robber falling upon his knees onto his bowels, after he had felled him.
          The slate quarry of Abbott & Belcher, at Farmington now presents a pit 80 feet in depth.
     The slate already taken out pays the expense of opening the quarry.

                                                   HANCOCK COUNTY

          Dr. P. H. Harding, a well known physician of Ellsworth, died last week.
          The great Temperance revival which had it beginning at Ellsworth several weeks ago,
     under rather unpromising circumstances, still goes on with an enthusiasm and harmony
     that are delightful. The meeting are crowded even when only home speaker are
          Tremont elects Thomas Clark, Town Clerk, J. T. F. Freeman, S. W. Herrick, J. G.
     Wilson, Selectmen; W. W. A. Heath, Treasurer; J. T. R. Freeman and O. A. Richardson,
     School Committee.-Mr. Desert voted for schools what the law requires; for the poor
     $1000; for road $1951-Surry votes $970 for schools, and $2000 for roads; the village
     district raised $175 for free high school.
                                                   KENNEBEC COUNTY

          The house of John Burrill, Albion, was burned on the 26th ult. Partly insured.
          Mrs. Almira C. Dummer, the generous friend of the Industrial School for Girls at
     Hallowell, has established a free bed at the Maine General Hospital, by annual payment
     of $250.
                                                       KNOX COUNTY

          When Wagner was informed of his reprieve he stood like a statue for a minute or
     two, without the power of utterance, and then he burst into tears. Gordon was next
     informed and the effect was very much the same as upon Wagner.
         David  Bartlett, one of the Bowdoinham bank robbers, now in prison, is very sick of
     lung fever, and his recovery is very doubtful.
         Samuel Bryant, Democrat, is elected Mayor of Rockland by a majority of 24.

                                                   LINCOLN COUNTY

          Three children in Kaler's district, Waldoboro, committed to memory the names
     of every town in the state, and recited them by counties-a feat the News does not
     believe another person in the state could accomplish. We know of one other person
     who can do it, and he is the mailing clerk in this office. We believe he  can give not
     only the towns but the post officers. As the Transcript goes to every nook and corner
     of Maine, those in charge of out list become very expert in the geography of the


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