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                                                            OXFORD COUNTY

          Frank Farrington, formerly of Fryeburg, who died recently on his way to England,
     leaving two families, one in California and one in Maine, left his property to be divided
     equally between his two families. His life was insured for ten thousand dollars. His first
     wife was a daughter of Isaac Littlehale, of Bethel. A few hours before his death he wrote
     to her, making disposition of his property. His remains are to be taken to San Francisco.
          The Democrat says that Mrs. Martha Quimby, of Fryeburg, the oldest person in town,
     was a pupil of  Daniel Webster at the Fryeburg Academy 75 years ago. She has many
     reminiscences of Webster, and says that as a young man he was "fond of  girls and a
     good time."  He was a strict teacher, but always good natured, "never whipped 'em,-he
     only had to look at 'em with his black eyes."
          Two barns of Daniel Pierce, Hiram, were burned last Sunday. Loss $1400, insured
     for $400.
                                                        PENOBSCOT COUNTY

          The appointment of Captain Edward E. Small to the Pension Agency give much
     satisfaction all round, as he is a very popular young man, with a good record both during
     and since the war.
          A starving and freezing family of nine persons was found in Glenburn the other day and
      relief furnished them by a gentleman, who in passing accidentally discovered their needs.
     This gentleman was Mr. Howard Shaw, of Portland, who at once procured clothing and
     food, and notified the selectman
          There was no choice for Mayor in Bangor on Monday. Stickney, Temperance
     Republican, had 1415 vote and Laughton, Democrat, exactly the same number. Blake,
     bolting  Republican, had 184 votes. The city council is Republican. There was a good deal
     of  excitement on the question of the Mayoralty, from a variety of local causes. The water
     question was settled almost unanimously in favor of the bill passed by the last Legislature.
                                                       PISCATAQUIS COUNTY

          The trial of Edwin D. McCauslin for arson, at Dover last week, attracted considerable
     attention, because of the entirely circumstantial evidence. The house was burned at
     Guilford on the night of October 30, 1874. The alleged cause was the unpleasantness
     of Mr. McCauslin's relations with his wife and wife's mothers. Three days before the
     fire he left for Lewiston, and the night of the fire  he arrived in Dexter on the train. This
     is but twelve miles distant from Guilford, and at eight o'clock that evening he hired a horse
     to go three or four miles, as he said. He did not return till shortly before midnight, the horse
     giving evidence of having been driven hard and fast. The fire was discovered at about a
     quarter before eleven o'clock, which would have allowed time for a rapid return to Dexter.
     Nor far from the house that was burned, in a hollow concealed from the road, were
     found evidence that a horse had been hitched there. A day or two subsequent McCauslin
     returned to Guilford, and the circumstances were so suspicious that he was arrested. Some
     of the witnesses testified to having heard the accused threaten to burn the house. The
     shoes of the horse, which fitted the tracks in the hollow referred in, were brought into
     court. The case came to an abrupt  termination on Monday by prisoner's pleading guilty
     to burning with intent to secure insurance, as he had an interest in the buildings burned.
     He was sentenced to State Prison for five years.
                                                           SOMERSET COUNTY

          The marble bust of ex-Governor Coburn, sculptured at Skowhegan, by E.W.
      Marble, is finished and will be placed in the Court House.  The Register says that all
     who see it are struck with its wonderful accuracy as a likeness of one of Maine's noblest
          William Doran, of Skowhegan, advertises for 500 owls.
         Skowhegan elected Miss Annie L. Bigelow, one of the best teachers of the town, as
    an member of the School committee.-Madison voted to raise $6000 towards paying
    the town debt of $12,000.-Mercer voted to drop the suit against Henry Thompson,
    former town treasurer, instituted on account of the famous school house affair.-New
    Portland in free from debt.-The debt of Madison is $12,000, and $6,000 is
    appropriated towards its payment.-St. Albans owes $2,715, and its assets are $3,257.

                                                        SAGADAHOC COUNTY

          Mr .Alden Morse, of Phipsburg, while at work with a circular saw a few days ago
     had a slab strike him in the forehead with such force as to fracture his skull, and tear
     his face in a shocking manner. He died on Saturday.
          A little son of Nathan Sullivan, Bath, was run over and  fatally injured on Monday.

                                                     WASHINGTON COUNTY

          Lewis Finney, a lad fifteen years old, was instantly killed last week, at the Pembroke
     Iron Works by being caught by the coupling and dragged between the rolls.
          Last Saturday night two men, named Myers and Gray, attempted to force an entrance
     into the dance hall of David Thurston, at Calais.  In the affray which followed, Gray was
     struck in the head and instantly killed. The coroner's jury decided that Gray died of
     apoplexy, induced by the blow or by excessive drinking.
          Governor Joseph Francis of the Passamaquoddy Tribe of Indians, died at Pemborke
     last week. He is said to have been 110 years old.
          Bartlett Justin, of East Machias is bound over for assault with intent to kill Robert
     Mugford, of Lubec. He attempted to shoot the officer who arrested him. It was the
     result of a drinking spree.
                                                          WALDO COUNTY

          Belfast elected John G. Brooks, the citizen's candidate for Mayor, by 100 majority.
                                                          YORK COUNTY      
          The friend of Rev. S. F. Wetherbee, of Saco, formerly of this city, celebrated the
     35th Anniversary of his wedding last week, presenting him with over $300 worth of
     appropriate gifts.
          Several leading citizen of West Buxton publish a statement in regard to the case
     of Hugh  Smith, accused of ill-treatment of his insane wife, which puts a different
     face upon the matter.  It was only a temporary neglect due to exceptional causes,
     for which Mr. Smith reproaches himself equally with his neighbors, who accord
     to him the merit of sustaining with uncomplaining patience for many years, trials
     and burden in consequence of his demented wife, which but few men would have
    borne as well.
          The house of Louis Frank, Biddeford, occupied by four French families was
     burned on the 5th. Loss, $2,5000.

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