Sunday, February 2, 2014


                                                          IN GENERAL

          The Maine State Sunday School Convention is to be held at the State Street
     Church, Portland, October 14th, 15th and 16th. Rev. W. F. Crafts of Brooklyn,
     New York, Rev. Smith Baker and Rev. F. N. Peloubet of Massachusetts, and
     other prominent Sunday school workers are expected to be present.
          Patents have been issued to L. H. Farnham, Portland electric alarm signal;
     C. J.  Higgins, Farmingdale, reflector.
          FIRES IN MAINE.-Building used as a restaurant and dwelling on the Old Orchard
     camp ground, owned by Nathan Lowell of Saco. Loss $950; insurance $550.
          Interior of Moses Gray's house, Castine. Loss $800-insured.
          Picker room of No. 2 woolen mill in Dexter, badly damaged and several thousand
     pounds of stock destroyed.
          Amasa Howe's steam shingle mill, Fort Fairfield with a quantity of shingles.
          Daniel Boyton's house Brownfield, most of the furniture saved.
          House of John Ranco, Waterville, damaged to the amount of $300. A bureau
      was burned, in which were his deed, insurance policy, money and his papers.
          Lovering's starch dry house, Limestone.
          Daniel Boyton's house, Buckfield.  Furniture saved. Insurance, $400.
          Two building belonging to the Shaw Brothers at Forest Station, with last,
     blocks and hides. Loss between $5,000 and $7,000.

                                                        MARINE JOURNAL


          Boston, September 29th.-A first class bell buoy, has been placed on Harding's
     Ledge, Boston Bay, in place of the bell boat, which have been removed for repairs.

          LAUNCHED-At Bath, 4th inst., from the yard of G. W. Johnson, a three-mated
     schooner named "R. D. Ribber,"  launched by the builder and others of Bath, in the
     commanded by Captain Benjamin E. Pinkham, of Boothbay,

          The remains of the steamer Falmouth, lately burned at this port, will be towed to
    Great Chebeague Island Island on Tuesday and then set on fire. About 100 tons of old
     iron is still on her.
          At Bath, T. H. Hagan & Co., will commence work soon on a schooner for eastern
          Brig O. B. Sillman reported foundered off Frying Pan, registered 320 tons was built
      at East Deering 1871, and owned in Baltimore.


          A waterlogged and abandoned American build barque of about 600 tons, lumber
     laden, was passed 16th inst., in lat 49 34 lon 82 50, with only the mizenmast standing.
          Schooner Eugenie, Godfrey (Captain,)  for Calais, returned to New York 22nd inst.
     having carried away jib boom and head gear while beating down the sound.
          Schooner Starlight, reported wrecked at Avery's Rock, Mass, has been  sold for
     $7,475. (?)
          Gloucester, September 25th-Schooner Gussie, Blaisdell (Captain?) of this port, went
     ashore on Bass Rocks last night and will be a total loss.
         Schooner Flora A.  Sawyer, Feethy (Captain,) at Fall River, 22nd inst., for New York,
     had carried away flying jib boom and head rigging.
          Schooner Eddie Pierce, (McKown,) from  a fishing trip, put into Boothbay 22nd, last
     with loss of jib boom and foretopmast.
          Ship Harry Morse at San  Francisco from Liverpool, had heavy gales in the Pacific
     during which stove bulwarks, lost and spilt sails, stove in skylight and party filled with
          Schooner Telegraph, Gilchrest, at New York from Thomaston, reports 28th, when
     between Shoveful and (word omitted) was run into by a an unknown schooner and lost
     anchor and chain and cathead carried away.
          Schooner F.L. Mulford bound to Philadelphia, lost an anchor in the Kennebec a few
     days since.
          Schooner Leading Star, Farrin (Captain,) at Bath from Boston reports lost sails in a
     heavy blow while coming from Cape Elizabeth.
          Schooner Abraham Richardson, of Belfast, lumber laden was towed into Hyannis
     20th inst., full of water, having sprung a leak off Cape  Cod.
          Brig H. H. Weight, Meyers (Captain,) at Boston, from Buenes Ayers (sic), reports
     in a heavy gale 26th, shipped a large quantitie of water, filling cabin.
          Brig C. C. Robinson, Clark (Captain) at New York from ZaZa, South Turkey,
     reports encountered a terrific gale 15th inst., with  tremendous heavy sea, blowing
     away sails, sweeping the deck and damaging the rigging.



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