Friday, February 21, 2014


                                                     MAINE MATTERS

          Mr. Sylvanus Barter, of St. George was drowned on the 10th inst., by his boat
     capsizing while he was drawing lobster nets at "Herring Gut."
          The city of Saco offers a reward of $500, for the recovery of the body, dead or
     alive, of the missing Miss Patterson.
          Alonzo  Cooper of East Pittston, was knock overboard from schooner Mary
     Shields, near Phipsburg on Friday week and drowned.
          Brother Maxham, of the Waterville Mail, has a  buck which he values at  $2,000.
     He paid his owner last year some  $800 or $1000.
          Reverend J. T. Nichols, of Saco, was presented by his society, on Friday week,
     with a barrel of flour and $204 in money.
          The Farmington Chronicle says Mr. William Toothaker, of Phillips, has made
     a generous donation of $5,5000  to Bates College.
          Rev. Mr. Fletcher, state temperance lecturer, has secured the names of 50,000
     Sunday school children to the temperance pledge.
          The house of Mrs. Elizabeth Look, of  Phipsburg, was burned to the ground on the
     16th inst. Insured for $600.
          Colby University has sixty-six students.
          Mr. Winslow Morton, of Lubec, sat down upon a crochet needle, which entered
     the fleshy part of the thigh and broke off close to the handle. Surgical aid failed to
     extract it, and after a long search it was considered as one  "lost in the hay stack,"
     says the Machias Republican.
          Mrs. Rhoda Green, who died in Lisbon, Me., on the 16th inst., lacked but two
     months of  being one hundred years old. She was a Revolutionary pensioner.
          The Clarion say Mr. N. W. Morse,  of Norridgewock, has a cow four years old
     next month, that has brought her owner four calves. She has been  a fruitful vine.
          A lad named Lothrop had his head so badly crushed in the machinery of the
     Androscoggin Mill, at Lewiston, that he died in half an hour.

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