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          Deering, June 11th, to the wife of Colonel John McAdams, a son.
          West Auburn, May 26th, to the wife of Mr. E. A. Conant, a daughter.
          North Auburn, May 23rd, to the wife of Mr. Albert Young.


          In this city, June 6th, by Rev. George W. Bicknell, John A Higgins and Eda J.
     Franklin, both of Westbrook.
          In this city, June 6th, by Rev.  I. Luce, Enoch F. Willard and Carrie W. Tennant,
     all of Portland.
          In this city,  June 4th, by Rev. J. F. Morgan, Horatio Daniels and Emily J. Lamb,
     both of Westbrook.
          Freeport, Me., May 7th, by Rev. A. C. Herrick, Winfield Loring of Yarmouth, and
     Vina L. Tuttle, of Freeport.
          South Bridgton, May 18th, George H. McDonald and Helen P. Fitch, both of Sebago.
          Harrington, June 2nd, George W. Rounds and Angie E. Bonney, both of Bridgton.
          Sebago, May 22nd, John Sawyer and Mary Stover, both of Baldwin.
          Harrington, May 27th, Frank Garcelon, M. D., of East Livermore, and Eleanor
     Coffin, of Harrington.
          Belfast, June 3rd, Allen A. Potter and Mrs. Lucy A. Higgins, both of Elsworth.
          Belfast, June 3rd, James D. Tucker and Nellie J. Knowlton.
          Baltimore, Maryland, May 28th, at the residence of Rev. J. A. Hire, S. L.
     Humphrey and Georgie M. Noyes, both of Yarmouth, Me.
          Boston, Mass., April 14th, by Rev. M. J. Savage, Nathan B. Cloudman and Mrs.
     Lizzie A. Judson, both of Boston.
          Biddeford, June 3rd, Frank D. Sawyer, of Wakefield, New Hampshire, and May
     Seavey of Biddeford.
          Biddeford, May 31, Joel Bean, of Saco and Ida Hanson of Biddeford.
          Brownfield, June 2nd, Thomas Sullivan and Mrs.  Sarah A. Miller,  both of
          Brunswick, June 5th, George William Jenkins of Boston, and H. Ellen Chace
     of Brunswick.
          Saco, May 31st, Oliver B. Bradbury, and Janette A. Newell, both of Saco.
          In White Rock (part of Gorham) June 3rd, John H. Washburn and Lucy J. Cobb,
     both of Windham.
          Gardiner, May 15th, George W. Burgess and Annie G. Spaulding.
          Gardiner, May 26th, Oscar McCausland of Framingdale and Cora E. Bigelow,
     of Gardiner.
          In this city, June 6th, Henry D. Shea, aged 70 years.
          In this city, June 6th, William F. Perkins, son of William and Hannah Perkins,
     aged 6 months.
          In this city, June 8th, Isabella, youngest daughter of James and Agnes Curran,
     aged 2 years, 3 months.
          In this city, June 10th, Mrs. Sarah N. Hall, widow of the late William Gerrish,
     aged 81 years.
          In this city, June 9th, Minnie L. McLaughlin, aged 18 years, 7 months, 13 days.
          In this city, June 10th, of scarlet fever, Jenny L., daughter of John and Lizzie
     Martin, aged 3 years, 9 months.
          In this city, June 12th, Margaret, wife of William Larrabee, aged 44 years.
          Deering, June 9th, William H. Wescott, aged 57 years, 5 months.
          Windham, May 19th, Mrs. Elliott C. Frye, aged 27 years.
          Windham, May 23rd, Olive C. Knight, aged 40 years, 7 months.
          South Windham, June 8th, Elizabeth, wife of the late Nathan Cloudman, aged
     70 years, 4 months.
          Hollis, May 31st, Robert F. Edgecomb, aged 29 years, 10 months, and 22 days,
     son of Perley G. and Caroline Edgecomb. (Lewiston papers please copy.)
          Castle Hill, Aroostook County, May 8th, Willie I., aged 1 years, 1 month;
     May 13th, Harry B., aged 2 years, 11 months and 15 days; Lillian G. aged 11
     years, 3 months and 23 days, children of Josiah H., and Olive C. Davis.
          Castle Hill, Aroostook County, February 5th, Bertha E., daughter of Parker and
     Lydia W. Shaw, aged 10 years, 1 month.
          Saccarappa, June 5th, , Mary A., widow of the late Dana Brigham, aged 64 years,
     and 6 months.
          Dover, New Hampshire, June 8th, Sarah D., widow of the late Zebulon Skillin,
     aged 80 year, 8 months.
          Kennebunkport, June 6th, M. Danese, wife of Nicholas Danese-born near
     London, England.
          Scarboro, May 22nd, Mary E., wife of John D. Fabyan, Esq., aged 72 years.

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