Sunday, April 13, 2014


                                                        CITY ITEMS
                                                  Glances about Town

          The opening concert of the Army and Navy course was thoroughly enjoyed by a
     brilliant audience; Mrs. Dow sang charmingly and Germania as usual were perfect in
     tune and harmony; the entertainment next week is a lecture by Mark Twain, whose
     subject will probably be recollections of Artemus Ward.
          Mr. and Mrs. Solomon N. Cloudman celebrated the Twentieth Anniversary of
     their own marriage last week by the weddings of two of their daughters.
          James Coffee was assisting to load a hogshead of molasses on a truck last Thursday,
     when the skid slipped and the whole weight  of the hogshead was brought upon one
     of his legs, breaking it short off.
          Henry M. Brackett, the well know landlord of the Summer Retreat on Peak's Island,
     died one day last week, after a short illness.
          Frederick Fox, Esq., has resigned his place as one of the Trustees of Evergreen
     Cemetery; he has most faithfully performed the duties of his position, and done good
     service to the city.
          A treat is expect this week in the lecture of Rev. C. G. Ames, in the Mercantile
     Library course; he comes with a high reputation as an eloquent California orator.
          A solemn Lodge of Sorrow, in memory of the late Abner B. Thompson, was held
     under the auspices of the Masons of the Scottish Rite, on Friday evening of last week;
     an eulogy was pronounced by Rev. Josiah H. Drummond.
          Professor Morse said in his lecture  last week that all the snakes in New England
     are harmless except the rattlesnake; his next lecture will be delivered on Friday evening
     of next week.
          The bust of Senator Fessenden by Mr. O'Brien was placed  on exhibition at the
     Common Council  Room last week, and generally accepted as a spirited likeness of the
          David S. Wood, a well known railroad contractor of this city, and brother of the late
     John W. Wood, died suddenly of apoplexy at Tamsworth, New Hampshire on Thursday
     week, and his remains were brought to this city, where he leaves a wife and one child.
          The well known homeopathic physician, Dr. Christian F. Pudor died on Saturday
     night of heart disease at a ripe age; he was a native of Prussian, but had practiced
     medicine with success in this city for upwards of twenty-five years.
          After a long chase Officer Sterling succeeded in arresting O'Neal W. Robinson
     at Key West, Florida and he is now lodged in jail in this city.
          The Casco brewery on Fore Street, opposite the Portland Company's works,
     owned by J. A. McGlinchy, was burnt on Monday afternoon; loss $25,000, insured.
          Mr. Charles P. Ingraham had his left thigh broken on Monday by being thrown
     from his carriage on State Street, on account of a defect in the highway; Mr. Fred
     Hutchinson of the "tribe of Asa," happened to be near and rendered effective
     assistance until a surgeon could be obtained.
          The State Street Sunday School gave a contribution of $50 in aid of Mr. Moody's
      Chicago Mission School last Sabbath.
          Harry Brown will be in his studio next week ready to receive the orders of his
          James Bailey succeeds Frederick Fox as one of the trustees of Evergreen Cemetery;
      Mr. Fox has for several years served most faithfully and acceptably in the capacity, and
      many improvements are due to his suggestions.
          Mr. Robinson was arraigned on Tuesday, waived examination and stands committed
      in default of bail for $5,000. 
          Mr. Jonathan Morgan's  funeral at the  Congress Square Church Wednesday
      afternoon was to be attended by the Cumberland Bar of  which he was the oldest
          In our Pulpit Sketch this week it will be noticed that Mr. Morgan was pleasantly
     alluded to by the clergyman, as then alive, though a the moment he had probably been
     dead many hours.
          The question in the Miller divorce case was before the Supreme Justice Court on
           Jude Lane took his seat on the bench of the Superior Court on Tuesday.

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