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          Thomaston, November 3rd, to the wife of C. D. Tewksbury, a son, Herbert
          Mason, October 17th, to the wife of Edwin R. Briggs, a son.
          Rome, Kennebunk (part of Belgrade Lake,) Me., October 10th to the wife of
      George Kelley, a daughter.
          Auburn, October 13th, to the wife of E. P. Fuller, a daughter.
          Bridgton, October 29th, to the wife of Jeff C. Gallison, , a Gal-or-son, the
     former we believe.
          Island Falls, Aroostook County, October 12th, to the wife of B. C. Perry,
      a son.
          Augusta, October 13th, to the wife of Honorable J. G. Blaine, a daughter.
          Livermore, October 15th, to the wife of Orestes Bryant, a son.

          In this city, November 5th, Leander Clements, of Westbrook and Mary A. Alley,
     of Bridgton.
          In this city, October 25th, Henry S. Walker  of Buffalo, New York, and Frances
     M. Elwell, of Portland.
          In this city, November 1st, Henry T. Rowe and Julie A. Washburne, both of
          In this city, November 2nd, Gustavus A. Bartlett and Ada I. Cloudman; also
     Erlon G. Reed and Laura B. Cloudman,  daughter of Solomon N. Cloudman.
          In this city, November 1st, Henry P. Worcester and Caroline Justina Rea.
          In this city, November 5th, by Rev. W. E. Gibbs, Captain Charles H. Greene,
     and Mrs. Ann H. Woodbury, all of Portland.
          In this city, November 5th, Edward J. Park, of Bath, and Mary A. Brow. of
          South Paris, October 22nd, by Rev. J. J. Abbott, George W. Talbot, and Annie
     M. Merrill, of South Freeport.
          Mercer, October 1st, Francis E. Jones of Boston, and Lurana D. Crosby of
     Mercer, Somerset County.
          Peabody, Mass., October 26th, by Rev. C. V. Hanson, Charles H. Warren and
     Serafena Oakes, both of Danvers, Mass.
          Derring, October 31st, by Rev. J. C. Snow, at the residence of Dr. Stone, Charles
     E. Merrill and Adelaide Stone, both of Derring.
         Harrison, November 1st., Simeon P. Pendexter, of Bridgton, and Mary A. Ross
     of Harrison.
          Islesboro, October 30th, John W. Pendleton and Jennie Thomas, both of Islesboro.
          Lewiston, October 28th, J. Herbert Chase and Emma R.  Hitchcock.
          Portsmouth, October 31st, Thomas H. Saunders and Jane Marston, both of
          Concord, New Hampshire, November 1st., Horatio Hobbs of Boston, and
     Armenia E., eldest daughter of Nathaniel and Armenia S. White.
          Eastport, October 12th (?), George Higgins and Clara G. Murphy.
          North Vassalboro, October 16, George S. Hawes and Ellen M. Nowell.
          Skowhegan, October 25th, Rev. William H. Rand, of Oldtown, and Clara A.
     Spaulding of Bingham.
          Rockland, October 24th, E. H. Waldon,  of Camden, and Aliva L. Packard, of
          Rockland, October 25th, A. S. Tolman and Clara B.  Turner.
          Bath, October 26th, Charles R. Thompson of New York, and Octavia M.
     Putnam of Bath.
          Denmark, Me., October 21st, George L. Small, of Westbrook and Josephine
     Warren, of Denmark.
          Plymouth, October 15th, J. T. Locke,  of Westbrook, and Rhoda S. Warren of
     of Bridgton.
          Durham, October 25th,   John L. Williams of Durham, and Martha A. Coombs.
          Topsham, October 18th, Noble M. Patten and Amelia Crane.


          In this city, November 4th, Jonathan Morgan, Esq.,  aged 93 years, 8 months.
          In this city, November 1st., Sophia P., youngest daughter of the late Captain
     Samuel A. and Sophia M. P. Dennison, aged 23.
          In this city, Nov 4th, Dr. Christian Ferdinand Pador.
          In this city, Mrs. Melinda, wife of Joseph B. Haskell, aged 62.
          In this city, October 31st, Miss Ellen E. Farnham.
          Windham, November 5th, Sarah, widow of the late Elias Hall, of Jefferson, New
     Hampshire, aged 95 years, 5 months, 25 days.
          Peak's Island, Portland Harbor, November 1st, Henry M. Brackett,  merchant,
      aged 50
          Knightsville, Cape Elizabeth, Aiden Wing, formerly of Fayette, aged 74 years.
     9 months, 22 days. (Maine Farmer please copy)
          Peru, Maine, October 22nd, George W. Lunt, formerly of Westbrook, aged
      77 years.
          Bath, October 28th, Kezzia S. Page, aged 41.
          Lincolnville, October 17th, Mrs. H. Payson Lamb.
          Buxton, October 29th, Andrew H. Whitney, aged 22.
          Biddeford, October 29th, Emerson York, aged 94.
           Farnsworth, N. H. (?) November 2nd, suddenly by apoplexy, David
     S. Wood, aged 53. (No town by that name in N. H.)
          Oreville, California, October 19th, Charles E. Leighton, formerly of Bangor,
     aged 42.
          Roxbury, Mass., November 2nd., Mrs. Hannah Merrill Weeks, aged 74.
          Waterville, October 13th, Mrs. Olive H. Melcher, aged 53.
          Waterford, October 21st, Mrs. M. H. Dearborn, aged 63.
          Rockland, October 21st, Bethiah, wife of Daniel L. Corthell, aged 53.
          Rockland, October 25th, Mrs. Melisssa Field, aged 35.
          Topsham, October 27th, Albert G. Foster, aged 41.
          Lubec, October 27th, William L. Dinsmore, aged 53.
          Kittery, October 29th, Mrs. Hannah Manson, aged 82.


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