Sunday, April 6, 2014


                                                                  CITY ITEMS
                                                             Glances about Town

          Friday afternoon some boys found a bottle of liquor near the baseball grounds, and
     drank of it; one of them, an eight year old son of George Siteman, drank more freely
     than his companions' and died from alcoholic poisoning in great agony about 11 o'clock
     Friday night.
          A curious fish has been exhibited here the past week, which was captured off
     Boone Island; it is 8 1/2 inches long, armed with several sets of teeth, and a suction
     disk by which it attaches itself to vessels and to large fishes; it is classified by
     Curator Fuller of the Natural History Society as a remora, a native of warm seas
     south  of Massachusetts.
          Divers were at work all day last Sunday, searching for the bodies of the two
     children drowned last week, and their father was with them, walking in the water
     along the shore, without avail; the bodies are probably entangled in the eel grass
     and lodged in the deep holes at the bottom.
          At the Republican County convention, held in this city last Wednesday, the
     following county ticket was nominated; Senators-Honorable D. H. Cole of Naples,
     Hon. George P. Wescott of Portland, Joseph Dunnell of Westbrook, John C.
     Kendall, of Freeport; Sheriff-Isaiah S. Webb, of Bridgton; Register of Deeds-
     Storer S. Knight, of Deering; County Attorney-George S. Seiders of Portland;
     Clerk of Courts-Benjamin C. Stone of Bridgton; County Treasurer-James M.
     Webb of Westbrook;  County Commissioner-Joseph B. Hammond of New Gloucester
      James M. Tolman  of  Caso. At the Democratic County Convention, held here
     Thursday the following ticket was nominated; Senators-Daniel Dickens of Bridgton;
     Dr. John Swan of Westbrook, Captain John H. Humphrey of Yarmouth, John N.
     Lord of Portland; Sheriff-Isaac D. Sawyer of Portland; Register of Deeds-John T. Hull
     of Deering; County Attorney-Elliot King of  Portland; Clerk of Courts-George F.
     McQullian of Portland; County Treasurer-Stephen K. Dyer of Portland; County
     Commissioners-William Curtis of Portland, Enoch Gammon of Naples, Me.
          Schooner Dreadnaught and James Dyer, owned here, were seized at Old Orchard
     Sunday evening for seining fish with the three mile limit, but it is claimed by the
     owners that the bay where the schooners were at the time is over three miles broad;
     the penalty for the offence alleged is $500.00.
          Elias Usher, owner of the water boat Sebago, has become violently insane, and
     has been taken into custody.
          Rufus Stanley, the importer, who has been sick for a long time with Brights' disease,
     died at his residence in this city Tuesday night.


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