Wednesday, April 23, 2014


                                                      CITY ITEMS
                                                Glances About Town

          Their usual ill-luck as to the weather didn't prevent the Light Infantry from
     indulging in their customary target practice on their visit to Colonel Mattock's farm
     in East Baldwin last week; the shots of Lieutenant C. A. Weston, Sergeant W. F.
     Chase, J. Y. Carter and George E. Lefavor were so near alike that no decision was
     made as to the prizes and the matter was left to a committee; the first prize to the
     honorary members, a gold Maltese Cross was won by General S. J. Anderson; the
     second, a gold shield by Samuel Teague and a leather medal was bestowed upon
     Richard K. Gatley.
          Mr. Edgar Payson, a young artist, exhibits in Hale's window a fine crayon
     portrait of a deceased son of Dr. W.  R. Johnson.
          One day last week a young man named Thomas Allen, of Boston, on his way
     with two others from  Saco to this city in search of work, stopped to bathe in a
     stream in Scarboro'; supposing the water to be deep he leaded from a high bridge
     and struck upon the bottom head foremost, the water being but two feet deep; he
     applied for aid at the police station in this city, where it was found that his spine
     was badly injured and one arm paralyzed.
          Rev. Charles M. Whittlesey, of New York, preached at the Second Parish Church
     last Sunday; he will occupy that pulpit for a season.
          The patriotic clothier's, C. D. B. Fisk & Co., in view of the lack of an appropriation
     by the city government for the celebration of the Fourth of July, offer to contribute $100
     for that purpose, provided one hundred merchants will give a similar amount.
          Mrs.  Francis O. J. Smith has petitioned the Judge of Probate for a allowance out of
     the personal property of the estate, waiving the provision in the will that affords her only
      what the law allows.
          Miss Isadora Cameron was greeted by a full and enthusiastic house on the occasion
     of here benefit Friday evening; the play was the "Hunchback," and she gave a pleasing
     rendering of the part of "Julia:" Miss Victoria was eminently satisfactory as "Helen,"
     and the play as a whole received an excellent interpretation.
          Mr. Grenville E. Jordan's cooperage shop, building on Back Cove, will be the largest
     and the best arranged establishment of the kind in this city; it is to be ready for occupancy
     about the first of July, and will give employment to a considerable number of workmen.
          The season at Fanny Marsh's Theater closed last Saturday evening with the
      performance of the "Hunchback:" at the close of the performance Messrs. Gossin,
     Liston and Theadore made some remarks appropriate to the occasion, which was
     well received by the audience; Miss Marsh deserves to be kindly remembered for
     her efforts to please the theater-going public; nothing definite has yet been decided
     upon regarding the next season.
          Miss Belle Balley's benefit occurs on Wednesday evening of this week; great
     attractions are offered, and we hope to see the crowed house this meritorious actress
          The new Stevens block of Woodford's Corner will be ready for occupancy the
     part of this week; the corner store will be occupied by Henry Green who will keep
     an assortment of wall paper, stationary, periodicals, confectionary, etc.; in the
     other store John Morton will keep a stock of boots and shoes; one of the offices up
     stairs will be occupied by Miss L. M. Stevens, as a dressmaker and millinery shop,
     the other by H. H. Tukey, dentist.


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