Friday, May 9, 2014


                                                 MATTERS IN MAINE

          The average number of snowy days in a season is thirty, the extremes varying from
     nineteen to fifty, according to Professor Cleveland's record of fifty-two years kept at
          Mr. James Emery is moved to send us five dollar for telling the truth about his Student's
      Lamp Shade. it is not every day that we are so well paid for telling the truth.
          Daniel Chipman, of Millbridge, was knocked overboard, and lost by the main boom of
     schooner Boundary, November 27th, of Isle au Haut.
          A Young Men's Christian Association has been formed in Gorham, with S. Hinkley,
          A little daughter of Rev. E. W. Jackson of Gorham, named Anna, 11 years old, was
     killed on Sunday last under very distressing circumstances. Together with a younger
     brother she was visiting her uncle, Lewis McLellan, and being left in a room by them-
     selves, they took a loaded pistol from a drawer, and while playing with it by some
     means it was discharged, the ball lodging in her head. Though she breathed for about
    an hour she was not sensible for a moment. The boys was so excited that he could not
    answer questions rationally. Rev. Mr. Jackson was in Providence, R. I. at the time.
          A writer in the Gardiner Reporter says John Neal's article in the Atlantic on
      "General Bratish " but thinly disguises the fact that certain parties in Maine-among
     whom was John O'Cataract himself-for many months lionized an impudent foreigner,
     who with brazen face palmed himself off upon them as "General Bratish-Baron
    Fratellia-Count Eliovitch.
         The middle tie up floor, containing six head of cattle belonging to R. G. Smith, of
     Cornish, broke through recently and hung four out of the six by the neck until dead.
     Two escaped by the tie-bows breaking and letting them down to the ground. A
     caution to people with barn cellars, or having their cattle tie some distance from
     terra firma.
          The public spirited citizen of Bangor presented Captain Hugh Ross with $1,685
     for the services he rendered gratuitously with his tug boat in keeping the river open.
          Mr. Thomas Hopkins of August, recently lost three children in one week by scarlet
     fever and throat distemper. Another child was not expected to recover.
          Mr. John Chapman of Medford, fell from a scaffold in his barn on Saturday week,
     and was found insensible with his face and head badly bruised and one arm broken.
          Mrs. Graffam, a lady 85 years old, fell upon the ice at Lewiston and dislocated
     her hip bone.
          The dwelling house of Mr. George Silsby, of Bath was destroyed by fire on
     Friday week.
          Mr. John Hilton, of Cornville, Somerset County had his leg broken by the kick of an
     ox, a few days since.
           The Gardiner Journal say a young man named Otis N. Moore, recently received a
     cut across his knee to the bone, from a skate while skating which will probably lay him
     up for three weeks.


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