Sunday, May 25, 2014


                                                     CITY ITEMS
                                                Glances About Town

          That landscape by Caesar de Cock, on exhibition at Davis's is remarkable
     for the wonderful effects produced by broad and free touches; as a reproduction
     of  the foliage of Spring, and the management of  light, it is admirable.
          The corporators of the proposed "Mercantile Home of Aged Men Association;"
     have chosen the following officers; President, T. C. Hersey; Vice Presidents,
   , William W. Thomas and Ira P. Farrington; Secretary H. F. Furbish; Treasurer,
     Eben Corey; Auditor, Henry Fox; Directors, Samuel E. Spring, William G. Davis,
     William L. Putnam, James P. Baxter, and George S. Hunt.
          On Thursday week Mr. Eugene C. William, expressman, had his leg broken by
     a pile of cog-wheels falling on it.
         Mr. Brown, the missing pilot of steamer Chesapeake, has been seen in New York.
         A woman's Suffrage Association was formed in this city last week, with the
     following officers; President, Mrs. E. U Bacon; Vice President, Mrs. S. S. Shaw;
     Secretary, Mrs. Ellen  T. Way; Treasurer, Miss Marie Hersey; a meeting of the
     Association will be held in Reception Hall, May 26th, at which all interest are
     invited to attend.
         Orland Crowley, of Machias was swindled out of $40, by the confidence game
     in this city on Thursday.
          Miss Annie Louise Cary arrived on Friday evening of last week.
          Mr. Chauncy Barrett has sold his residence on Spruce Street to Mr. Jonas Hamilton.
          On Friday week Mr. Albert Roberts saw a man snatch a potrmonnaie  (a small
     pocketbook or wallet) from the pocket of Miss Nellie E. Hersey, on Middle Street,
     and giving chase and handed him over to the police; he gave the name of George
     Sands, and is said to be one of a gang who have been trying to operate in this city,
     for some time.
          On Friday week captain C. C. Chase was thrown down by a horse he was
    unharnessing at Robinson's stable on Green Street, and came near being killed; as
    it was no bones were broken, but he was terribly bruised about the head and face,
    while his clothing was literally torn from his body.
          The cancelling of the Cary-Thomas concert is a great disappointment to our
     music lovers, who have good reason to consider themselves very shabbily treated
     by Mr. Peck, the manager in his abandonment of his contracts; Mr. Stockbridge,
     who had the matter in charge here, is wholly blameless in the matter.
          Last Saturday, while following the military on Commercial Street, a little son of
     Mr. McVey, the dyer, was knocked down and run over by a jigger (sic) receiving
     terrible bruises, which may result fatally.
          The 17th Maine Regiment Association has passed resolutions paying a feeling
     tribute to the memory of the late Dr. N.A. Hersom; the body was due in New York
     on Tuesday of this week.


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