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          In this city, February 19th, by Rev. E. C. Bolles, Charles F. Safford and Miss
     Hattie E. Moses, both of this city.
          In this city, February 17th, by Rev. S.  Morrison, George C. Kennedy and Miss
     Julia S. Morse, both of this city.
          In Gray, February 21st, by Jacob Clark, Esq., James S. Foster and Miss Elizabeth
      D. Foster, both of Gray.
          In Millbridge, Washington County February 16th, by Rev. K. N. Meserve, Mr.
      Byron Hayford to Miss Ida Ray, both of Millbridge.
      Hayford  to Miss Ida Ray, both of Millbridge.
          In Saco, February 15th, Albert M. Webster and Sarah R. Tuttle; 16th, Edward
     B. Knight, of Sao and Lydia J. Bicknell, of Bangor.
          In Biddeford, February 19th, William P. Yates and Chastina Osborne.
          In Kittery, February 14th, William H. Bragdon of York, and Sarah A. Emery,
     of Sanford.
          In York, February 12th, Robert Neally and Hannah E. Grant.
          In Auburn, February 10th, Albion P. Leonard and Clara A. McKenney.
          In Bath, February 18th, Hiram Pratt of China, Me., and Mrs. Annie S. Watson,
     of Bath.
          At East Winthrop Parsonage, February 20th,, by Rev. Sewall Brown, H. B.
     Baldwin, of Bathurst, New Brunswick, to Miss Lucilla M. Page, of Winthrop, Me.


          In this city, February 17th, Mrs. Abigail, wife of Daniel H. Brown, aged
     50 years.
          In this city, February 21st, Mrs. Maria S., wife of William A. Hyde, aged 78
     years and 8 months.
          In this city, February 17th, William Regan, aged 21 years, 7 months, 8 days.
          In this city, February 15th, Fred Lincoln, eldest child of Nathaniel S. and
     Susan J. Fernald, aged 2 years and 10 months.
          In this city, February 24th, of scarlet fever, Freddy Baxter, only son of Charles
     S. Norcross, aged 2 years and 24 days.
          In this city, February 25th, at No. 8 Anderson Street, William Wallace, son
     of John B. and Elizabeth A. Masterton, 1 year, 1 month and 18 days.
          In Chelsea, Mass.,  February 21st, Horace C. Pickard, aged 26.
          At Jewell's Island, February 11th, Captain William Shea, aged 57.
          In Falmouth, February 17th, Mrs. Ellen F. Browne, aged 50 years 1 month.
          In Saccarappa, February 18th, of congestion of the lungs, David M. Frost, aged
     68 years.
          In West Gorham, February Mr. Moses B. Dame, aged 40.
          In Standish, February 18th, Mr. Joseph Merrill, aged 78 years and 10 months.
          In East Baldwin, February 15th, Reuben Sanborn, aged 42 years, and 3 months.
          In Brunswick, February 18th, Caroline M., late widow of Thomas S. Bolton,
     formerly of this city, aged 28 years.
          In Brunswick, February 22nd, Mr. Joseph True, aged 37 years.
          In New Virgil, Kane County, Illinois, January 30th, of congestion of the lungs,
     Mrs. Priscilla S. Crabtree, wife of Elijah S. Crabtree, ages 73 years, 4 months,
     and 14 days, formerly of Portland, Maine.
          In Newburyport, Mass., Captain Thomas Small, aged 72 years and 8 months.
          In Farmington, New Hampshire, February 10th, Mrs. Mary Hanson, widow of
     the late Isaac Hanson, aged 100 years and 26 days.

            In East Windham, February 4th, of diphtheria Virgil Fontaine, aged 4 years
     and 10 months; February 7th, Samuel Edgar, aged 12 years and 7 months; February
     18th, Susan Florence, aged 15 years and 1 months; February 15th, Georgie Ward,
     aged 2 years and 7 days--children of Eben and Elizabeth Legrow.
          "They were the lovely in life and in death not divided."
     Seldom doth the hand of affliction fall with such a desolating blight upon one
     household as upon this. In one short week these parents were called upon to part with
     three of these dear ties of earth. Coming from the burial of one only to see another
     struggling the Conqueror Death. The third and only daughter just in the bloom of
     girlhood, whose feet had walked in Wisdom's ways, and whose heart untouched by
     guile, had drunk deeply from the fountain of truth, and purity.  In one week more,
     the youngest and only one, the infant prattler was laid beside them in their silent
     home.. Thus, again and again in rapid succession, have the cords of affection been
     snapped asunder, leaving their hears bleeding from the sacrifice.
                              "And lo! they have passed from yearning hearts;
                              They have crossed the stream and gone for aye;
                              We may not sunder the veil apart,
                              That hides from out vision the gates of day.
                              We only know that their barks* no more
                              May sail with us o'er life's stormy sea,
                              Yet somewhere I know, on the unseen shore,
                              They watch and beckon and wait for me.

      *Another version of barque or boat

          In Saco, January 20th, Mary Emma, youngest daughter of A. C. and Olive Gowdy.
     of Saco, aged 7 years and 11 months; February14th, Frank Herbert, only son of the
     above, aged 9 years and 7 months.
                             "They both are happy now!
                                   That daughter sings before the throne!
                                   That beauteous boy, with harp and crown,
                              Exulting, spreads his silver wings!
                              Then almost hear'st those perfect strings
                                   Whose music is to the unknown,
                              Sound when the glad immortals bow,
                                     Where children  cast their honors down,
                              Where elders and apostle's meet
                                               At Jesus's feet.
                               Think, mother! while sweet tears are shed,
                                How blessed are the early dead.



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