Friday, May 2, 2014


                                                             IN GENERAL
          Fires in Maine-Paper mill at Snow's Falls, Paris, Me. Loss not stated but there
     was an insurance of $6,000. At Letter F., near Limestone, the new barn of George
     Watson , loss $1,000; also the barn of J. F. Emmons lost $200, no insurance-In a
     terrible thunderstorm at Washburn, the house of John McDonald, and the barn of
     John Whitten were burned, loss $450, partly insured.-Cooper shop of William
    Whitney and the house of Albert Dudley, Gardiner, 8th. Insurance on shop $400;
     loss on house  $400, no  insurance.-The Mansion House and its stables at Auburn
    burned early Monday morning. The fire caught in the stable and spread rapidly.
     Six horses were burned. Most of the furniture of the house was saved. Loss
     $20,000, insured for $15,000.-At Lewiston 9th, stores of  G. H. Pitcher, clothing,
     James Hinkley, tailor, Mrs.  E. Bryant, milliner, and boarding tenement of John
     Foss, Lisbon Street. Pitcher was insured for $3,000; Mrs. Bryant, $1,500, and
     other insurance covers much of the loss.-At Brunswick, the unoccupied house of
     E. G. Simpson and William Cobbett, loss $1,000, insured for $700.-Buidling of
     Itheil O. Ramsdell of Cutler.
                                                        MARINE REPORT

          The ship partly timbered out at Bowdoinham has been sold to Captain George
      R. Theobold of Richmond, at $14 1/4 per ton. A crew will be put on to finish
      her up this season.
          Brig B. F. Nash, which went ashore on Goodwick Sands, February 21st, went
     ashore on Goodwick Sands, was sold at auction, March 10th, to parties at Fishguard.
         Brig Mary A. Rich, 414 tons, built at Winterport, in 1862, has been sold at New
    York on Norwegian account, for $5,400.


          A dispatch from London states the barque James McCarty from Portland for
      Buenos Ayres, put in Rio Janeiro (Brazil)  4th inst., with loss of rudder.
          Schooner Flora E. McDonald, Kane, (Captain) from Rockport for Boston, which
      put into Boston 5th, in distress, lost jib boom and jib 3rd inst., in a gale. 1 a.m. 3rd,
     South East, from Cape Cod, got in contact with schooner Boss, of Belfast, from
     Rondout, (New York)  for Boston with cement, breaking her down can causing
     her to fill and sink in half an hour after. The crew were brought to Boston.
          Schooner Vesper, Captain Turner, from Indian Harbor for St. Pierre
     (Newfoundland ?)  with lumber, was totally wrecked April 7th, at Garris, N. F.
     ( Newfoundland?)
          Schooner Pride of the East, Captain Lord, at Baltimore 4th, from Eleuthera
     (Bahamas?) report; On the outward passage from Willington to Aux Cayes,
     (Haiti?) April 13th, lat 29 lon 76, while hove to in a hurricane, were throw and
     lost 10,000 feet lumber off deck, and then righted; scudded before the gale 48
     hours with heavy cross sea making a clean breach over the vessel.
          Ship St. John Smith, Captain York, at San Francisco from Liverpool, reports
     January, lat 47, 40 N, lon 7 12 W. Antonio Poletich, seaman, fell from the fore
      royal mast to the dock and was instantly killed. He was 32 years of age, and a
      native of Austria.
        Ship Saint Watts, Captain Lermond, at San Francisco from New York,
     reports heavy weather and sprung fore and mainmasts. Will put in new mast.




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