Friday, May 23, 2014



          Ferry Village, (South Portland) May 9th, to the wife of Captain Harmon T. Littlejohn,
     a daughter.
          North Yarmouth, May 8th, to the wife of Roscoe Titcomb, a son William Skillin.
          Kennebunk Depot, May 12th, to Mrs. Ada L. Swain, a daughter.

          North Yarmouth, May 7th, by Rev. H. G. Osgood, David Sweetser and Lizzie M.
     C. Young, both of North Yarmouth.
          Brownville, May 14th, John O. Lanigan and Ruth E. T. day, both of Medford.
     Piscatquis County.
          In this city, May 10th, John T. Gillis, aged 16 years 11 months.
          In this city, May 11th, Eugene F., youngest child of William T. and Warrena  C.
     Holivan, aged 7 months.
          In this city, March 27th, Augusta M. Trask, aged 43 years 3 months-eldest daughter
     of John and Martha Trask, formerly of Portland.
          In this city, May 16th, Lorenzo Leighton, aged 64 years.
          In this city, May 18th, Annie M., wife of Loring Lombard, aged 34 years, 2 months.
          Knightsville, May 11th, Gardner Rich, aged 71 years.
          Deering, May 14th, Hattie S. L. Harris, wife of N. B. Chase of Wilkinsonville,
     Mass., and daughter of the late Nicholas Harris of New Sharon, Me., aged 30 years.
          Deering, May 14th, A. Evelyn, youngest daughter of Andrew and the late Caroline
     Cram, aged 31 years.
          East Deering, May 16th, George H. Pennell, aged 63 years 11 months.
          Westbrook, May 10th, Emma P., wife of Simeon Austin, aged 64 years.
          Cumberland Mills, May 12th, Hattie E., only daughter of James and Lizzie Graham,
     aged 23 years 10 months.
          Biddeford, May 7th, Hattie Foster, wife of Alanson Staples.
          Lynn, Essex County, Mass., May 3rd, Laura B., wife of E. G. Reed, formerly of
     Portland, aged 28 years, 3 months.
          Hiram, April 5th, Erin G., son of Asbury and Ermengarde Huntress, aged 1 month,
     14 days.
          Roslindale, Mass., April 18th, Lizzie B. Johnson, wife of Irving G. Marston, aged 31
     years, 10 months.
          Elliot, May 2nd, after a lingering illness of nearly thirty years, Mr. Hiriam Gould,
     aged 78 years; May 4th, Susan, wife of Samuel Shapleigh, aged 64 years.
          In memory of Margaret, the  beloved wife of Abial T. Noyes, of this city, who
     departed from the earth life, April 17th, in the full assurance of faith.

                                                 Sister! Thou has sunk to rest,
                                                 Evermore shalt thou be blest;
                                                 All thy pains, thy grief's are o'er.    
                                                 Trouble shall be thine no more!
                                                 Through the valley lone and drear,
                                                  Death's dark shadow hov'ring near.
                                                  Leaning on no mortal arm.
                                                  Thou didst pass and feared no harm.

                                                   Shadowy forms were all around,
                                                   But that vain was hallowed ground,
                                                   For the Comforter was there
                                                   Making it both bright and fair!

                                                   Fare thee well! poor pain-racked soul:
                                                   Perfect love hath made thee whole:
                                                   On, so peaceful is they sleep,
                                                   Tis almost a sin to weep.
                                                    Dry we then each tearful eye,
                                                    Check, O check, each rising sigh.
                                                    Our dead sister is at rest,
                                                     Evermore shall she be blest.




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