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          In this city, November 10th, by Rev. E. Martin, Lewis D. Greenwood to Miss
     Hannah H. Hall, both of this city.
          In this city, by. Dr. H.A. Lamb, Captain T. W. Green of Saco, and Miss Olive
     F. Dolley, of Scarborough.
          In this city, December 10th, by Rev. Dr. Shaller, George H. Poor and Miss Delia
     Strout, both of this city.
          In this city, December 11th, Mr. John Houghton, of Liverpool, England, and Miss
     May Conklin, of Montreal.
         In this city, December 16th, by Rev. O. T. Moulton, Mr. Isreal T. Woolworth and
    Miss Susan Jane Martin, all of Portland.
          In Gorham, November 12th,  by Rev. C. C. Parker, Mr. Charles H. Sheldon, of
     Rutland, Vermont, and Miss Susan J. Pendleton, of Gorham.
          In Saccarappa, December 15th, by Rev. A. W. Pottle, Mr. E. B. Phinney and Miss
      Anna  Marriner, both of Westbrook.
          In West Sumner, Oxford County, September 22nd, by B. B. Freeman, Esq, Mr.
      Newton T. Swift, of Paris, Me., and Miss Lydia K. Wing of Franklin Plantation.
          In Enfield, November 21st, by M. W. Batchelder, Esq., Mr. Simeon Pratt to Miss
    Anna A. Spencer, both of Greenbush, Penobscot County.
          In Cape Porpoise, November 28th, by Rev. J. Budden, Mr. Jonas Emmons and
     Miss Sarah A. Chick.
          In Bartlett, New Hampshire, December 11th, by Rev. O. T. Sinclair, Mr. William
     Allen  to Miss M. Lizzie Harriman, both of Bartlett.
          In Shanghae (sic ) China, October 16th, by Rev. M. F. Yates, Amasa S. Forbes, of
      Shanghae, and Miss Vesta Veazle, of Belfast.


          In this city, December 13th, Mr. Joseph Partington, aged 36 years and 4 months.
          In this city, December 10th, Mrs. Mary, widow of the late Richard Waldron,
     aged 82 years and 10 months.
          In this city, December  11th, Emma Amelia, daughter of George R. W. and Mary
     A. Thaxter, aged 4 years, 11 months and 1 day.
          In this city, December 19th, Mrs. Frances J., wife of John J. W. Revees, and
     daughter of the late Thomas Pennell, of Brunswick.  Relatives and friends of the
     family are invited to attend the funeral on Thursday afternoon, at 3 o'clock.
          In Harrison, November 29th, of typhoid fever, Ezra C., son of Lewis Smith,
     aged 32 years.
          In Keene, N. H. December 15th, Mrs. Charlotte Gorham, formerly of this city,
     widow of the late William Gorham, aged 77 years.
          In Bucksport, November 19th, Elmena, daughter of Captain Daniel and Hannah
     Gott, aged 30 years. Patient and cheerful through her long sickness, she endeared
     herself to all that knew her. Death has no Terror. She was ready and willing for the
     coming of the Lord.
          In Cumberland Center, December 14th, Susan P., daughter of Daniel and Betsey
      B. Merrill, aged 26 years.
          In Gorham, December15th, Ann W. Jackson, aged 11 years.
          In Bath, December 13th, Mrs. Elizabeth P., wife of John Smith, aged 71 years.
          In Bartlett, New Hampshire, July 1st., 1867, John Emery, aged 72 years, 8 months.
          In Chatham, New Hampshire, October 3rd, Mary Adams, only daughter of Jonah
      Hill, Jr., aged 21 years.
          In Camden, November 21st, Mr. William Milliken, a native of North Yarmouth,
     aged 67.
          In South Berwick, November 29th, Mr. Eben Kimball, aged 86.
          In Harpswell, December 6th, Mr. John Stover, aged 86 years and 8 months.
          In  Durham, December 7th, Miss Martha C., oldest daughter of Joseph and
     Abigail Warren, aged 41 years.
          In Bath, December  8th, Miss Annie L. Kelley, aged 17 years, 1 month, and 5 days
          In Kennebunk, 10th inst., Mrs. Sally Leach, aged 79 years.
          In Addison, December 2nd, suddenly, William Nash, Esq., aged 89 years.
          In Bangor, December 12th, Mrs. Mary J., wife of Mr. Gilligan, and daughter of the
     late William Lord, Esq., of this city, aged 52 years.

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