Friday, June 27, 2014


                                                        CITY ITEMS
                                                Glances About Town.

          The Garfield and Arthur Glee Club have 145 men the rolls, and over 125 uniforms;
     Charles D. Clark is Captain, and Samuel B. Graves and Milton A. Jewell, Lieutenants;
     the Sergeants are E. C. Milliken, William Hazelton, F. H. York, F. H. Cushing and
     Henry Tilton.  
          The Grand Encampment, L. O. O. F., of Maine, at its meeting in this city last
     week, elected Charles H. French, M. W. G. High Priest; George L. Reed,   
     Lewiston,  G. Senior Warden; N. G. Cummings G. Scribe; Charles B. Nash,
     Portland, G. Treasurer; Isaac F.  Clark, Portland, G. Junior Warden; E. C.
     Chamberlain, Bridgton, G. Representative.
          A letter from John T. Hall appears in the Argus, which brings out the fact that in
     1861, when General H. M. Plaisted secured 33 men of his regiment for the quota of
    Portland, and was entitled to $10 each as a recruiting fee, he wrote to Mayor
    McLellan directing that this fee be added to the bounties paid the man; this course
    was the exception rather than the rule among officers at that time, and it is only fair
    it should be placed to his credit.
         Honorable Stanly Matthews of Ohio, and Honorable Luther Fitch, of Minnesota,
     spoke at City Hall on the evening of the 11th, and had a audience only limited by
     the size of the hall; hundred were unable to find even standing room.
          Mr. Jim Gibson, carpenter for the Grand Trunk Railway, broke his leg last week
     by a fall of 19 feet, caused by giving way of a staging at the depot.
          On the morning of the 12th, the house of William F. Safford, Pond Cove,
     Cape Elizabeth, was destroyed by fire; fortunately the Dirigo Engine Co., from
     Portland, were having a picnic near by, and the came to the rescue, saving much
    of the furniture; the house cost over $12,000, and was insured for $5,000.
          The U.S. training ship Minnesota visits this port this week, to remain 8 or 10
     days; Captain Luce has written to Mayor Senter that he wishes to enlist as many as
     many boys as possible during his stay; the boys must be between 15 and 18  of
     age, and will serve until 21; they are paid $9 per month, and $1 pocket money; if
     injured, they draw a pension.
          There was a meeting of citizen to consider the matter of Bicentennial celebration,
     last Thursday evening; Judge Goddard favored a historical celebration, which would
     not cost over $2,000, and after remarks by Honorable W. W. Thomas, Jr., J. T.
     Hull, Eben Corey, Alderman Deering, N. N. Rich (?) George A. Brown, W. D.
     Little, and Councilman Jordan, it was voted to request the city council to
     appropriate $2,000 for the celebration.
          The sum of $7,000 has been raised by private subscription to ensure the
     payment of all premiums offered by the Cumberland County Agricultural Society..
        The U. S. Steamer Kearsarge, six guns, H. F. Picking, commander, arrived in
     the harbor on the 13th, and will remain here some time; the public are admitted
    from 2 to 5 p.m.

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