Sunday, June 29, 2014


                                                                MAINE MATTERS


          Elmer Drew, a young Maine Central brakemen, son of surveyor Drew of that
     road, was crushed between two car he was coupling at Lewiston, on Tuesday. He
     stood on the inside of the curve of the track where the platforms of the cars met,
     as they would not on a straight track.
          The Third Consolidated Reunion of the 8th, 9th, 11th, 16th, also Company C. 2nd
     D. C. Infantry, will be held at Auburn, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 24th and
     25th. Tuesday, business meeting at Auburn Hall in the afternoon, and camp fire in
     the evening. Wednesday, excursion to North Auburn in the morning; dinner at Lake
     Auburn House; sail on the lake; boating and target shooting. Expense of excursion
     to the lake, including dinner $1.00. Arrangement have been made for accommodations
     of comrades at Elm House at reduce rates; also for reduce rates of fare on all trains
     running to Auburn and Lewiston. Governor David and Honorable C. A. Boutelle are
     expected to be present.
          T. W. Swan and T. I. McIntire addressed a Greenback meeting at Lewiston City
     Hall last Saturday evening.
          The Democrats and Greenbackers have fused on the following ticket; Senators;
     Frank Evans and William Sanborn; Commissioner, Henry Turner; Treasurer, Frank
     N. Mower; Register, C. S. Conant.
          The Democrats of the Second Congressional District held a convention at Auburn,
     on the 12th, and nominated by acclamation Honorable F. M. Fogg,  for Congress. So
     far as party conventions can do it, the work of fusion is now completed throughout the
          Honorable E. F. Pillsbury, Ex-Governor Garcelon  and Honorable N. S. Littlefield,
     addressed a mass meeting at Auburn on the 12th. Pillsbury made a spirited defense of
     his course last winter.

          Honorable William McKinley and S. W.  Matthews of the Aroostook Republican,
     addressed a large Republican mass meeting at Presque Isle last Saturday. General S. F.
     Cary, of Ohio spoke at Caribou last Friday, to a large audience.
         The Republicans nominate for Senator, Levi Sears of Fort Kent; Judge Probate;
     Henry K. Downes, of Presque Isle; Register, Ransom Norton, of Houlton; Sheriff,
     Alfred Cushman, Jr., of Sherman; Commissioner, Henry O. Perry of Fort Fairfield.


          There was a Republican flag raising at Freeport last Saturday, and speeches were
     made by A. A.  Strout, and H. G. Briggs.
          Honorable F. M. Fogg and Elliot King, Esq., addressed a fusion mass meeting at
     Cumberland Mills, last Saturday. Mr. Fogg spoke for 2 3/4 hours in reply to the
     speech recently made there by Eugene Hale.
          Captain Benjamin Woodside, an aged and respected citizen of Brunswick, died
     on the 7th, aged 83.
          The Reform Clubs of the county hold their quarterly section at Raymond. Levi
     Jordan of Raymond was elected President; Roswell Ward of West Gorham, and
     Lemuel Rolfe of East Raymond, Vice President; C. L. Parker, of Portland Secretary.
     Interesting meetings were held. The next meeting  will be at Holster's Mills. A
     resolution was passed against all fermented beverage, including hop and beer.
          On  Thursday last week a fiendish outrage was perpetrated upon a daughter of
     William Quincy, at Bridgton Center, aged 15.  A travelling umbrella mender, finding
     her alone in the house, locked the doors, seized and severely injured the unprotected
     girl. She made violent resistance, breaking a chair over him.  He took to the woods,
     and organized bodies of men searched for him Thursday night without success. The
     girl was in a precarious condition, and intense indignation is expressed.


            Mr. O. M. Moore, editor of the Phillips Phonograph, is expert with the rifle as are
     also his brothers.  He wants to match the four against any other four brothers in the
     state for a shooting contest, with Springfield rifle, long range.
          S. W. Tinkham, of Industry, has 15 thorough bred bucks, whose fleeces, one year's
    growth, weighed on the average over 20 lbs. each. One weighed 25 1/2, and none were
     less than 18 lbs.
          General Kilpatrick and Honorable T. B. Reed spoke at Phillips on the 13th.


          Commander Crowninshield of the U. S. ship Portsmouth, reports to the Navy
     Department the gallant conduct of five of his crew who sprang overboard at South
     West Harbor, on the 5th inst., and saved two ladies and a child who had been thrown
     overboard into the water by the upsetting of their boat.
          On the 12th inst., the Milton Mining & Milling Co., turned out the first bullion for
     this company's new mill. The treasurer took the ore with him to Boston.
          The Hancock Fusion  Convention made these nominations;   Senator H. M. Bartlett,
     of Lamoine, and C. A. Spofford of Deer Isle; Clerk, W. A.  Heath, of Tremont; Judge
     of Probate, N. A. Joy, of Ellsworth; Commissioner, W. H. Card, of Franklin.
          Miss Lucy A. Bakeman of Brooksville, in one year is said to have knit 1,134
     pairs of men's double mittens, beside milking three cows, and doing other work. She
     is only 18 now, and what she will do when she get to be a "smart old woman," it
     makes one dizzy to imagine.





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