Friday, June 20, 2014


                                                          IN GENERAL


          At Bath, the New England Shipbuilding Company are to build a schooner of 900 
     tons for Cape Cod  parties to be commanded by Captain Bailey, of Provincetown.
          LAUNCHED.-At Bath, 14th inst., by Kelley &  Spear from the yard of William
     Rogers, a barkentine of  298 net tons, named Silicon, built for McKay & Dix, of
     New York, who will employ her in the Greenland trade under command of Captain

          Schooner Sarah A. Fuller, Capt. Hart, from Philadelphia for Galve?on, was
     aground 8th inst., on   the upper end of Pea Patch, Delaware River. A tug was
      by her. She was afterwards floated and proceeded apparently without damage
          New York, May 9th.-The barkentine, before reported sunk at the  mouth of
     Gedney's channel, by collision with a steamer, is reported to be the Freeda A.
     Willey. Captain Willey, from Pensacola, and the steamer in collision to be the
     Martello, of the Hull line, outward bound.  As the steamer was seen lying by the
     bark for some time before the latter sunk, it is supposed that she rescued captain
     and crew and probably transferred them to one of the inward bound vessels at
     anchor of Sandy Hook. A later dispatch says that the bark was towed into New
     York  11th by the steamer Martello, the same steamer that sunk her.
           An Aspinwall (Pennsylvania?) dispatch announces the death on April 29th,
     of Captain Wright, late of schooner Douglas Hovey. The schooner returned to
          New Bedford, May 11th.-Tugs, Storm King and C. M.Winch, with tow lighters
     in  the tow, arrived here today from Wood's Hole, to procure empty casks to place
     in the hold of schooner Andrew Adams, ashore at No Man's Island. The Adams has
     swung round broadside to the broadside of the beach.
          Vineyard Haven, May 12th.-Schooner Flavilla, of and from Rockport for New
     York, arrived here last night with cargo of lime on fire. She has been sealed up.
          Ship Governor Robie, of (Bath) Capt. Blanchard, from New York January 31st,
     for Shanghae (Shanghai) , is stranded at West Porlamba (?) and is discharging her
     cargo. It is probably she will be floated without much trouble.  She is registered
     1,627 tons, and was built in 1883 in Bath.
          Ship Ocean King, of Boston, the largest American ship afloat, was burned at sea
     while on the passage from Nanaimo, British Columbia to San Pedro. No tidings
     have been received of the crew. The Ocean King, registered 2,516 tons was built at
     Kennebunk in 1874, and owned by J. H. Sears & Co., of Boston.  Later-the crew
     have arrived at Port Townsend.
          Schooner H. B. Diverty, from Perth Amboy for Portland, and Francis C. Smith,
     of New York, both had mainsails torn at Vineyard Haven night of 11inst., by
     collision with schooner Bucco, St. John, New Brunswick. The latter was at anchor
     and had cathead and end of bowsprit carried away, and other damage to headgear.
          Rockland, May 14th.-Schooner Daniel Pierson, of St. George for Clark's Island
     for New York, with paving, got off the ledge at Tenant's Harbor today, but was
     helped off by the Whitehead life saving crew without much damage.
          Schooner J. Ponder, from Belfast for Philadelphia, with paving into Boston,
     13th inst., leaking.
          Ship Occidental, of Bath from Cardiff, January 20th, for Acapulco, was spoken
     March 23rd,  lat 1.26 S lon 25 38 W, in charge of the mate, Captain Williams having
     been killed three days before by one of the crew while in munity.
          Green's Landing, May 13th.-Schooner Fleetwing, which sank here several weeks
     since, have been floated without much damage and was beached.


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