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          In this city, May 11th, by Rev. F. Southworth, Andrew Knutson and Christina
     Nilson, both of Portland.
          In this city, May 16th, by Rev. Ezra Tinker, William E. Holden and Sadie F.
     Montgomery, all of Portland.
          In this city, May16th, by Rev. Arthur Wilde Little, Eugene A. Healy and
     Miss Emma M. Stewart, both of Portland.
          Bethel, May 10th, Freeman S. Grindle and Mary E. Gerrish.
          Livermore, May 1st, Asa F. Campbell of Canton and Abbie R. Lovewell, of
          Hallowell, May 9th, Captain Silas F. Terrell of Dresden and Hattie C. Pomroy,
     of Burnham.
         West Gardiner, May 10th, Fred C. Moore and Mary McCausland, both of
         Buxton, May 1st, Arthur M. Berry and Jennie Hill, both of Buxton.
         Biddeford, May 10th, Hector Pheneut of Fall River, Mass., and Emma H. Lord, of
         Bridgeton, May 7th, Mason Mills of Harrison and May K, Proctor of Bridgton.
         In Sweden, Me., May 1st, Oliver H. Haskell and Annis A. Bennett, both of
         Rockport, May 1st, Charles F. McFarland and Ida J. Young, both of Rockport.
         South Berwick, May 7th, Frank E. Sanborn and Ida M. Spencer.
         Hancock, May 7th, Ulmore E. Foss and Lena H. Sargent, both of Hancock.
         Rockland, May 10th, F. J. Baker and Carrie B. Freeman,  both of Rockland.
         Albion, May 3rd, Ernest L. Patten of Waterville, and Jennie M. Clark, Albion.
         Bethel, May 10th, Freeman S. Grindle of Bluehill and Mary F. Gerrish of Bethel.

         In this city, May 11th, Ezra Carter, aged 83.
         In this city, May 12th, Maria L., daughter of the late George and Elizabeth
     Swasey, aged 25 years.
         In this city, May 11th, suddenly, Nathan Wood, aged 74 years.
         In this city, May 11th, George R. Thompson, aged 36 years.
         In this city, May 14th, William Harris, aged 51 years.
         In this city, May 14th, Joseph Anglin, aged 9 days.
         In this city, May 8th, at Greeley Hospital, Captain George Courtney,-born in
    Isle of Jersey, March 1, 1804.
         In this city, May 10th, Mrs. Louise Hamlen Winslow.
         In this city, May 16th, Michael Sisk, aged 85 years.
         In this city, May 16th, Nicholas McBride, aged 42 years.
         In this city, May 16th, Hannah Colleran.
         Ferry Village, May 15th, Blanche E., daughter of David U. and Annie I.
     Willard, aged 1 year, 3 months.
         Duck Pond, (near Standish) May 15th, Annie M. wife of Winfield S. Murch,
      aged 42 years.
         Brunswick, May 9th, Hiram Stuart, aged 76 years.
         Haverhill, Mass., May 16th, Frances A. Jacobes, formerly of Portland, aged
     56 years, 8 months.
         Deering,  May10th, Andrew Lee, aged 74 years.
         Ferry Village, May 10th, Andrew Lee, aged 74 years.
         Woolwich, May 6th, Daniel, son of James M. and Martha J. Tibbets, aged
     3 years, 6 months.
         Scarboro, May 11th, Phineas Foss, aged 78 years.
         Lewiston, May 7th, Mrs. Jane R. Pitman, aged 73 years, 6 months.
         Rockland, May 11th, Maria, wife of H. P. Wheeler, aged 49 years.
         South Thomaston, May 9th, Richard Hayden, aged 77 years.
         Mt. Vernon, (included in Augusta) May 9th, Miss Laura W. Whittier, 18 years.
          Steep Falls, May 8th, suddenly Emily, wife of Rev. O. T. Moulton, Pastor of
     the Free Baptist Church.
         Gorham, N. H., May 10th, Emma Gertrude, daughter of Rev. J. H. and M. W.
     Trask, aged 9 years, 4 months.
         Chicago, Ill., May15th, of paralysis, Warren Andrews, son of the late Lorenzo
     D. and M. Etta Libby, aged 28 years, 11 months, 26 days.

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