Wednesday, August 27, 2014



          Brig Daisy, McCarty, at New York 26th inst., from Cardenas, Cuba, reports in
    a hurricane 12th, vessel was hove on beam ends, had deck swept, stove water casks
    and chain boxes, tore tarpaulins from fore hatch and washed everything from forward
     house and forecastle, including tool chest, filled cabin with water, large quantities
     getting below; started cargo adrift in poop and between deck and sprung rudder
          Schooner Commodore, coal laden for Boston, struck on a ledge near Norman's
     Woe 27th inst., but came off leaking badly, and was grounded in Gloucester harbor,
     full of water.
          Schooner Annie F. Colon, from Gardiner has foremast, sails and rigging damaged
     to the extent of $1,000 by fire 26th inst., at Alexandria, Virginia.
          Barque Verona has been libeled at Buenos Ayers, Argentina, for sinking Spanish
     barque Antonia by collision.
          Schooner Glen Howard from New York for Gardiner, put into New Haven, from
      25th inst., to repair mainsail.
          Barque Daring, Stover, (master) at Havana from Philadelphia, reports a heavy
      weather on the passage, and lost part of deck load.
          Schooner Sarah from Calais, Me., for Boston with lumber put into Jonesport,
     20th full of water. She will discharge and the cargo will be taken to destination by
     schooner K. Jones.
          Schooner Charlotte Buck, granite laden, before reported at Portsmouth, N. H.,
     leaky, has discharge cargo and gone on the railway at Kittery for repairs.
          Schooner Lahaina, reported ashore at St. John, New Brunswick, came off with
     the tide, and was on blocks at St. John, 25th.
          Returned-Schooner Regalia, Carlett, (master) hence for Boothbay. In going out
     Sunday afternoon mis-stayed and  went ashore on Peaks Island, hear the two spindles.-
     was hauled off at midnight Sunday night by tug Magnet, and towed back to Long
     Wharf with loss of forefoot and leaking 560 strokes per hour.
          Brig Charles A. Sparks at New York from Tuspan, (Tuxpan?) lost foresail and lower
     and upper topsails. (Tuxpan is off the coast of Mexico.)

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