Friday, August 29, 2014


                        I miss this somehow and it is out of sequence, apologies to all


          Barrie, Ontario, Canada, May 2nd, to the wife of Charles W. Robinson,
      a daughter.
          Freeport, April 13th, to the wife of Albert H. Kilby, a daughter.
          Freeport, April 23rd, to the wife of Albion Allen, a daughter.
          Freeport, April 29th, to the wife of L. J. Neal, a daughter.
          Bridgton, April 29th, to the wife of Albert Gray, a daughter.
          Logan, Ohio, April 8th, to the wife of Henry H. Kilborn, formerly of Bridgton,
     a daughter.
          Mechanic Falls, April 18th, to the wife of George A. Harmon, a daughter.
          Auburn, April 25th, to the wife of M. L. Paine, a son.
          Auburn, April 28th, to the wife H. A. Wheelock, a son.
          Newport, April 28th, to the wife of George E. Norton, a son.
          Fairfield, April 28th, to the wife of William Winslow, a daughter.

          In this city, April 30th, Thomas Pike and Maggie Blades, both of Portland.
          In this city, April 19th, Gilbert Randall and Carrie L. McGregor, both of Portland.
          In this city, May 1st, William E. Johnson, of Putney, Vt., and Marietta K. Dyer,
     of Portland.
          In this city, May 1st, Samuel Saunders and Clara E. Brown, both of Portland.
          In this city, April 30th, Ambrose Hamilton and Lizzie Park Hill.
          In this city, May 4th, George C. Johnson and Emily J. Mason, both of Portland.
          Cape Elizabeth, May 4th, by Rev. Edwin A. Harlow, Capt. Fred C. Allen of
     Portland, and Emma L. Johnson, of Harpswell.
          Rutland, Vt., May 1st, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. W. J.
     Harris, Roscoe Norwood, of Worcester, Mass., and Ida A. G. Tyler of Rutland.
          Freeport, April 29th, by Rev. M. Sargent, Albert Cobb and Melville Lunt.
          Deering, May 3rd, R. O. Robbins, of Dexter Gazette, and Phosia Fasset, of
     of Deering.
          Matinicus, April 19th, Joseph C. Jackson and Mrs. Susan H. Emery, of
          Appleton, Iowa,  April 27th, Martin C. Pease, of Appleton, and Charlotte Asp., of
     of Wapello, Iowa.
          Rockland, March 15th, William J. Hopkins and Carrie Johnson.
          Camden, April 19th, Charles F. Gould and Fannie A. Hodgman.
          Augusta, April 28th, J. W. Harlow and A. B. Arnold, both of  Augusta.
          Norway, Me., April 15th, Elbridge Holt and Mary Bennett, both of Norway.
          Bath, April 21st, Cyrus K. Foss and Mary M. Coffin, both of Bath.
          Skowhegan, April 21st, William J. Sewell and Mary E. Dole.
          China, Me., April 16th, Gideon Preble and Mrs. Emily J. Larabee.
          Lewiston, April 19th, James H. Crockett and Mary R. McLaughlin.
          Belfast, April 16th, Horace W. Banks and Mary R. W. Carter.
          Biddeford, April 12th, Charles A. Bailey, of Lowell, Mass., and Olive J. Perkins,
     of Biddeford.

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