Wednesday, August 13, 2014



          Ship Ellen Goodspeed, Captain Preble, from Baker's Island, September 3rd,
     for Queenstown, put into Pernambuco, Brazil, 7th ult., on account of the crew
     being sick with scurvy.  She was compelled to send eight or ten men to the
     hospital,  reship others and proceed.
          Schooner John E. Dailey, from Brunswick, Ga., for New York, recently taken
     into Norfolk, after being ashore at Smith's Island, Maryland has been hauled out,
     the leak stopped, and was reshipping cargo on the 13th.
          Barque Rosini, Captain Pierson, from Bordeaux, November 24th, for New York,
     with a general cargo is ashore about four miles west of Quoque, Long Island. The
     Coast Wrecking Co.,  have sent the steamer Lackawanna to her assistance.
          Brig Afton, (British) Captain Blanche, from St. John, New Brunswick, for Havana
     with lumber, went ashore Monday week on Seal Island, entrance to Bay Fundy, and
     after beating a hole in her bottom, drifted out to sea. A party from Cutler, Me. went to
     her assistance and carried the crew to Eastport, with the exception of the captain, who
     being badly chilled was left at the light house.
         Barque Almoner, Captain Gray, at New York from Rotterdam, Netherlands, report
     a good run for 16 days up to lon 50, when  she encountered a succession of gales,
     commencing at S W and ending at  W N W, keeping up a very heavy cross sea, which
     broke over the vessel and swept everything movable from the decks. This weather
     lasted ten days and since January 11th, has had fine weather.
         Barque James M. Churchill, from Leghorn (Italy?) for Philadelphia, has put into
     Gibraltar,  (southern coast of Spain) December 21st, with cargo damaged.
          Schooner Mary Patten  of Bangor, Captain Cummings,  from New York for
     Mederia (near Portugal,) put into Gibraltar December 21st, with lost of sails and
     mainsail sprung.

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