Sunday, August 3, 2014


                                                     CITY ITEMS
          Rev. John S. Cushman, a local preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church, while
     suffering under aberration of mind caused by brain disease, with which he had been
     afflicted for sometime, hanged himself on Friday week, in the cellar of his house on
     Parris Street; he leaves a wife but no children.
          Now for the People's Concerts, four with reserved seats, for a dollar, twenty cents
     single admission; the first will be given by Mrs. Wentworth Stevenson, with the Arions
     and orchestra from the Portland Band, and those to follow will comprise our best home
     talents; this is music for the multitude and good enough for the select few.
          Jonathan Morgan, Esq., now in his ninety-third year, was seen taking a walk for
     his health at Woodford's Corner during the bitter cold weather of Sunday afternoon.
          Among the list of Americans remaining in Paris, December 21st., the ninety-fourth
     day of the siege, appear the names of the Misses Greeley of this city.
          Miss Julia McCulloch, residing with J. J. Wingate, fell down stairs on Friday
     evening with a glass jar in her hands; her left hand and face were badly cut and
     bruised; her wrist was also broken.
          On Wednesday evening of this week the Army & Navy Union will close their
     entertainments with a grand vocal and instrumental concert by the Mendelssohn
     Quintette (sic)  Club, of Boston, and Miss Addie Ryan; all the world will be there.
          The jury in the William Chase case, before the Superior Court, not being able to
     agree on a verdict, were kept in the jury room all Saturday night and all day Sunday
     up to eight o'clock in the evening, when they were discharged; they stood to the last
      eight for conviction and four for acquittal, two-thirds guilty; this was the third trial
      of the case, but the result did not agree with the old proverb.
         Mr. Henry Trefethen and wife of House Island, celebrated their Golden Wedding
     on the 16th inst., by a family reunion at the homestead on the island, at which fifty-
     one of their direct descendants were present; Mr. Trefethen  came to House Island
     from Monhegan in 1823, and has ever since been engaged there in the business of
     drying fish, which has been carried on upon that island for over two hundred years.
          William Allen's Newfoundland dog "Scott" is acquiring quite a reputation for
     stopping runaway horses.

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