Wednesday, August 20, 2014


                                                   MAINE MATTERS


          At a launching Saturday in Thomaston, an old staging in Watt's yard, on which
     a crowd was standing suddenly gave way, and Ralph Coleman, aged 11 had an arm
     broken and side and hip badly injured.
          There was launched from the yard of Cobb, Wright & Co. Rockland, on Saturday,
     the three-mastered schooner, Nahum Chapin, 506 tons. The same day at Thomaston,
     there was launched from the Edward O'Brien year a ship 2,157 tons, named the
     Edward O'Brien; and from the yard of S. S.  Gerey & Co., Thomaston, a schooner
     of 402 tons register, named Helen L. Martin.


          John Lane, aged 65, in jail for assault, and who had been pronounced insane and
     sentenced to the Insane Asylum by the  Grand Jury, shot himself in jail at 7 o'clock
     Saturday morning, and died at noon.
          The Waldo National Bank is said to be a creditor of R. O. Storrs & Co., Boston,
    who have recently failed to the amount of  $5,000.


          Friday evening of last week at Paris, Me., the chorus of the Oxford County
      Musical Association, ninety in number rendered the "Creation" in a manner
      creditable to any society old or young. Much of the success was due to the efforts
      of Herman Kotzschmar, its conductor. Among the solo parts admirably taken were
      those by Mrs. Nettie Milliken Fellows, Mr. W. H. Stockbridge and J. B. Coyle, Jr.,
      Portland. The execution of the pianist, Mr. Henry Murray and Mrs. Alice Tuksbury
      as organist was very fine. The vocal parts were all well sustained. Mr. George A.
      Thomas, of Portland, rendered valuable services in the rendition of the "Creation,"
      as leader of the bass.  He also gave great amusement by rendering of  a laughing
      song, and his song "The Man of War Man" was one of the most successful features
      of the entertainment. The attendance was large, and it was a financial as well  as
      musical success.
          John L. Mason, a drover of Albany was waylaid about dusk night of the 25th
     near Lynchville by a scoundrel who accosted him familiarly saying, "Give me a
     ride John," then threw pepper in his eyes. An accomplice bound his arms and
     relieved him of $1,051.00 and a watch.

          Silas Miller, of Hermon, claims that $1,400 which he had in his bedroom in
     his house was stolen while he was absent. His family were at home all the time.
          Mr. Dabour of Pittsfield proposes to erect woolen mills on the Kenduskeag
     stream, some little distance above Morse's mill's.

          The Mt. Kineo House at Moosehead Lake was burned Monday. Nothing but
     the stables were left.The hotel was insured for $50,000 in fifteen or more Boston,
     New York and foreign offices.


          The Bath Times says the mother of James Hill, who lives on Bay Shore will
     be 102 years old if she lives until next spring. She is of African blood but has
     turned white, at least so a doctor informs us. She is quite lively for so old a lady.
     In Bowdoin there lives a Mrs. Small who is over 100 years of age. Mrs. Small  of
     Bath Lake who only lacks a few weeks of 100, has had her photograph taken. She
      is cheerful and talkative, and has children, grandchildren, great-grand children
      and great-great grandchildren.
           Goss, Sawyer & Packard, of Bath, launched Saturday afternoon, a steamboat
     named George S.  Homer, owned by New Bedford parties. Her gross tonnage is
     1,034  length 204 9.10 feet. (as written)

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